July 7, 2021 – Today, as part of the Dice Tower Summer Spectacular, the 1st Dune Imperium expansion Rise of Ix was announced by Dire Wolf. Rise of Ix will focus on the technocratic society of Ix who originally appeared in the source novel and was the a key source for future stories. It will be arriving in your friendly local game store for the 2021 holidays!

The new expansion adds new Imperium, Intrigue, and Conflict cards to the game. Six new leaders across three Houses will also be added, two of these new leaders were revealed today.

The message was made via an announcement video, check it out below:

Rise of Ix will also add brand new mechanics to Dune: Imperium, including dreadnoughts and Ixian Technology tiles.

Dreadnoughts are mighty war machines that enter combat like troops, but pack even more firepower, and are indestructible! Dreadnoughts can also temporarily take control of locations on Arrakis. These powerful units will cost players Solari to construct, so decisions on how to prioritize spending are key.

Ixian Technology tiles can be acquired for spice, and unlike cards, do not shuffle into players decks. The tiles are instead placed directly in front of a player, where they provide a permanent upgrade to abilities.

Dune Rise Of Ix Leader Ecaz
Dune Rise Of Ix Rhombur
Dune Dreadnaught Slide
Dune Rise Of Ix Ixian Tech Tiles

Source: https://www.direwolfdigital.com/news/rise-of-ix-expansion-announced-for-dune-imperium/

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