October 8, 2021 – The 2021 MTG World Championship starts today, October 8th, and runs through Sunday, October 10th. Over the next three days, the 16 of the best players from around the world over the 2020-21 season will compete for a prize pool of $250,000. Everyone who has made it this far gets a base award of $50,000 and not only do the top of the competitors get bigger prizes, but the ultimate winner will get their likeness on a brand new magic card.

Swiss rounds of both Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft and Standard will be played leading up to the finals where there will be only one final champion. The tournament, played via MTG Arena, will be streaming entirely on Magic’s Twitch channel and will begin at 9am each day.


Below is the schedule of events:

  • Friday, Oct. 8 – 9 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. UTC / 1 a.m. JST (Oct. 7)
    • Rounds 1–3: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft
    • Rounds 4–5: Standard Constructed
    • Broadcast ends after Round 5
  • Saturday, Oct. 9 – 9 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. UTC / 1 a.m. JST (Oct. 10)
    • Rounds 6–10: Standard Constructed
    • Tiebreaker round to follow, if needed
    • Broadcast ends after Round 10—plus any tiebreaker matches to be completed—and the Top 4 for the World Championship is announced
  • Sunday, Oct. 10 – 9 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. UTC / 1 a.m. JST (Oct. 11)
    • The Top 4 playoff will feature Standard Constructed
    • Upper Bracket matches will be a best of three games
    • Lower Bracket matches, and the Championship Match, will be a best of three matches.
    • Broadcast ends after Magic World Champion XXVII is determined

Check out the official World Championship XXVII Event Page to get more information about the event and the 16 players competing from all over the world.

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