March 19, 2022 – Fantasy Flight Games has announced the 5th Marvel Champions campaign expansion Mutant Genesis. The new expansion is currently set to release on September 30th with an MSRP of $44.99.

The world is always in need of heroes. In order to truly achieve peace, there are times when we must put aside our differences and focus on doing what is right. That is exactly what the X-Men do, and their story is all about their fight to protect a world that hates and fears them. Now, the X-Men have finally joined the fight in Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

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As the game’s fifth campaign expansion, Mutant Genesis adds a plethora of classic X-Men characters to the scene, including two new playable heroes, Colossus and Shadowcat, each of which comes with a pre-built deck ready to play from the get-go. Face off against iconic villains, such as Sabretooth, Sentinels, and Magneto, and work together to overcome a fresh batch of challenges.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or have only just started playing, anyone who enjoys Marvel Champions won’t want to miss out on Mutant Genesis! This expansion comes with five brand-new scenarios, and as with previous expansions, you can play each of these scenarios individually or as part of a larger campaign.

Check out the full breakdown of the new content at Fantasy Flight Games.

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