This is the 7 Wonders Review of the classic strategy card drafting board game. Draft games are one of those love them or hate them, some games have a little and some games are completely based around them. As far as those go, 7 Wonders is the unchallenged champion of the more strategic robust side of the genre. It is quick yet deep and it can handle up to 7 players. Two things that are hard to do well. This alone should be enough to put this royalty on your shelf, but even more so it delivers, see below. This is our 7 Wonders review.

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Fun (10 out of 10)

7 Wonders is able to master the short game that feels incredibly deep. The shortness makes you always wanting more and not afraid to go get it, all while not wasting your time. You make plenty of decisions that all have effects on an overall strategy, both It has just enough interaction amongst everyone involved to make it a great all-around experience every time. A big recommend from this 7 Wonders review.

Replayability (8 out of 10)

There are many paths to victory and because you have the freedom of a 30-minute game, you feel fine trying out things and happy to go in over and over again. That being said, games do not change too much (only your wonder) so once you find that one or two paths that really get the job done, you are not going to veer much and it will get a bit stale. The freshness of a card drafter being to do this is a breath of fresh air though, making 7 Wonders an easy one to come back to.

Player Interaction (8 out of 10)

The whole strategy of any drafting game is to control your neighbors. You put them into a strategy and then you deny them the resources they need to make that happen. That is the dream. So yes it has that, but not too much else. It has enough though, you can buy resources off a neighbor if you are trying to build something and they have what you need, and every round you face off with your neighbors in a military showdown. But there is nothing global. If a player is two neighbors away, it is like they do not even exist. Though that is probably how an ancient civilization would be.

Quality (10 out of 10)

The most shining accolade to give in this 7 Wonders review is in its quality. 7 Wonders was able to build a satisfying civilization builder using only card-drafting. That is impressive. The game is well built and any time you have something that is the best of many worlds (ie fast yet deep) you have a winner. Everything is well put together and very well produced.

Art & Style (9 out of 10)

The lore and art that goes into this game is deep and pays true tribute to the original wonders of the world history. Many people have made games themed in this time period and they just come off generic. 7 Wonders is exactly what it is supposed to be for what you are doing. All graphics and art and well designed by very competent artists. Everything captures the historical accuracy (as far as we know) and our imaginations.


7 Wonders Review | Board Game Halv

We say this plenty but 7 Wonders is one of those "best of" platinum artist board games. If this was PlayStation, this would be re-released every year with that board game's greatest hits red label at the top of it. Now out 10 years (2010) it still holds up and is beloved today. If you are looking for an interesting twist on a rich strategy game, love drafting (card, fantasy or other) need to play something satisfying and only have 30 minutes, or just need a game option that can actually handle 6 or 7 players, 7 Wonders is a phenomenal choice. This has been our 7 Wonders review.

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