This is the 7 Wonders vs Sushi Go game comparison showdown. 7 Wonders and Sushi Go may have some big differences but what they do share in common is that they are 2 of the best secret draft board games on the market. 7 Wonders is more complex and about building up a civilization. Sushi Go (and Sushi Go Party) is much lighter and about playing with you adorable dinner options. We dive deep into both. Learn a little about the games then check out our 7 Wonders vs Sushi Go notes and final verdict.


About 7 Wonders (2010): This is one of the best drafting games out there. Over three eras (rounds), players pass around cards and take one from a stack turn after turn to take actions that help either build up your empire and resources or help construct your specialized wonder of the world. Collecting the right sets or making the right investments get you victory points that will help you win by the end.

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About Sushi Go Party! (2016): The “party” version is actually a follow-up version with a few additional things but it is superior in every aspect. This is a game about playing with your dinner, and there are all sorts of adorable sushi cards (tempura, dumplings, etc) that help you do this. Over 3 rounds players draft one card at a time to complete sets. Each card has its own special thing (like collect 4x of these and get 12 points) and it is up to you to strategically see what is coming around and pick the right card. Points are scored and new cards handed out in between each round.

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Theme: One is on a large epic scale and one is about an activity so routine that you could miss it and not even notice, 7 Wonders vs Sushi Go has some big differences. In 7 Wonders, you are in the ancient times and you are trying to construct one of the world wonders and a thriving civilization around it. Sushi Go is about forming your dinner with about the most adorable sushi characters you will ever see.

Gameplay: The big thing in common is that both have a fantastic take on the secret draft which is where you have a stack of cards (or whatever), you take one card, pass the stack to a player on one side, they do the same, and this continues one after one until the stacks are gone. 7 Wonders is about 2 – 4x as intense as the very light Sushi Go.

Mechanics: Sushi Go is just a colorful game about set collection while 7 Wonders is about a means to generate resources and make many decisions of what you can do from there. In 7 Wonders you have many different paths to take, whether economic, political or militaristic, so there are many more decisions to make.

Time Commitment: Both of these run very quick. The main reason for this is that in draft games like this, all player actions happen simultaneously. Instead of going one by one, things go all at once. Both go for three rounds but Sushi Go, however, is so light with few decisions to strive towards that it runs even faster.

Player Count: One thing about draft games is that they favor more people. Both of these games are no different. They can both go up to 7 players, but what is nice is that they are both still as satisfying with 3 players. Each game does its own thing so well that it is hard to award any points here in 7 Wonders vs Sushi Go.

Cost: 7 Wonders is a much more complex game and warrants its higher price. Sushi Go is specifically built to be quick, easy and portable so you are always going to see it at a low price point. Part of its draw is how light and throw away it is supposed to be. Just an easy, fun ride.


Verdict For the Shelf: In the battle of 7 Wonders vs Sushi Go, the verdict is 7 Wonders (66% of the time) and Sushi Go (34% of the time). Both of these games are great and very different so you can go ahead and buy both right now. That being said, 7 Wonders will probably cover you on more occasions but it is about knowing your audience. Sushi Go is great for families and younger kids that still has enough for adults. It is also very portable. You could say Sushi Go is super easy, but because 7 Wonders is also so easy, especially for how much goes on, it is hard to give Sushi Go the win there.

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