April 7, 2022 – Publisher Fantasy Flight Games announced the 7th Cosmic Encounter expansion Cosmic Odyssey today. This new package for the base game that was originally released in 2008 is set to be the biggest one yet in terms of content (and box size). This new expansion is set to come out in July 2022 with an MSRP of $59.99. You can pre-purchase now.

The two big draws here are the “campaign mode” and loads of new alien content.

Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Odyssey 3d Game Box

About Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Odyssey Expansion

You’ve conquered the stars in Cosmic Encounter. You’ve weathered storms, defended against incursions, forged alliances, engaged in countless conflicts, and established dominion for eons. Or perhaps you’ve done none of those things, and Cosmic Encounter has only recently entered your life. Either way, there is still the ever-burning question: what comes next?

Well, dear friends, this comes next. And it’s going to be epic.

Cosmic Odyssey is a massive expansion bigger than anything Cosmic that came before it (aside from the base game, of course), and it packs enough wallop to enhance your wild and wonderful space shenanigans for countless games to come. Even if you don’t own any of the previous expansions, Cosmic Odyssey brings loads of aliens, variants, and a brand-new campaign mode to the table. It has more of everything Cosmic Encounter has to offer, and lots of things that have never been seen in the game before. It’s a never-ending odyssey, and one that no Cosmic fan will want to miss!

Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Odyssey Components

Cosmic Odyssey Campaign Mode

This mode sees you and your fellow Cosmic Encounter-ers leading coalitions of aliens through a series of games across the cosmological “ages” while garnering prizes along the way. These prizes can be used in subsequent ages or saved for the final age. However, regardless of your win/loss record during the journey, every player that’s declared a winner in the Final Age Game is crowned a Campaign Winner.

In all the years and editions of the game, this campaign mode is unlike anything that has been seen before. With it, you and your friends can build an epic tale of conquest, strategy, and discovery that is entirely unique. It’s the wildest way to play Cosmic Encounter to date!

Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Odyssey Scoring

The different ages that play out through the campaign are represented by different variants, and there are a lot of them in this expansion! You’ll find variants from previous expansions (which will add content to the existing variants if you have those expansions but also function perfectly well on their own), variants from previous editions of Cosmic Encounter, and even variants from an alternate timeline that haven’t been seen before!

Will you revolutionize the cosmic setting with additional Technologies? Can you brave the dangers of the Hazard Deck? Perhaps you’ll wish to chase down all-new Objectives alongside your usual win condition. Or, maybe you just want to occupy a bunch of Moons. There are thirteen variants in all, and each of them can be used whether this is your first Cosmic expansion or your seventh!

Fantasy Flight Games promises more info to come on this new mode!

Cosmic Odyssey New Alien Content

Some of the zany new aliens include the overly-honest Aura , the bombastically bursting Bubbles , the energy-manipulating Magnets , and the wickedly-wrathful Witches . If you’re feeling cooperative, you could always protect players’ assets as the Lloyd , or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you could always just play as the Throwback . 30 new aliens can be found here, but there’s also a little something extra this time. Longtime fans of Cosmic Encounter may recognize some familiar faces that snuck in alongside the new aliens, though they may look a little…different.

Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Odyssey Card Examples

That’s right, in addition to the 30 brand-new aliens found in Cosmic Odyssey, there are also 12 “alternate timeline” aliens! Each of these aliens is a new spin on an alien from a previous Cosmic Encounter product; some are a little more powerful, some are a little less powerful, and some are just different from before. Whether you put yourself in peril as the Daredevils , kick people off your lawn as the Grumpus , or absorb your enemies as the Void , you’ll love revisiting these old favorites under a new light!

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