HeroQuest could return! Many great board games have a historic place in history for contributions it made the community, and basically the world. Catan helped usher in the modern board game era in 1995, Dominion invented the deck building genre, Yahtzee is having marvelous great-grandchildren and Monopoly might be one of the most hated games but it is what it is.

HeroQuest is one of those games that you may or may not know about. At the end of the 80’s two gaming giants came together for a glorious partnership. Games Workshop, the publisher behind War Hammer and the authority in wargaming and complex strategy, worked with Milton Bradley who was one of the two general board game behemoths (the other, Hasbro, would go on to acquire them later). HeroQuest was born, created by Stephen Baker who worked for the UK division of Milton Bradley (MB).

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The iconic game is still beloved today and held up as one of the great Dungeon Builders of all time. People are not necessarily saying it is the best thing ever, it was just way ahead of its time and still holds up today. Some of the oldest houses with the best “bones” are the most valuable because of their desirability AND their place in history. Playing a game of this is like locking a moment into history.

A Trademark has been filled which may signify HeroQuest could return and be available again.

It was pointed out on Reddit by user Corporat that a new trademark has been filled by Restoration games. The full trademark information can be read HERE. The statement for goods and services is below:

Board games; Card games; Dice games; Playing pieces in the nature of miniature action figures and toy model vehicles for use with table top hobby battle games in the nature of battle, war and skirmish games, and fantasy games; Tabletop games; Tabletop hobby battle games in the nature of battle, war and skirmish games, and fantasy games, and playing equipment sold as a unit therewith

What do we know?

Absolutely nothing. Who knows what this means but if it means HeroQuest could return we are very interested. This appears to be the first step on a long journey but one we are excited to take. We plan to investigate further and will report back on what I know.

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