September 20, 2021 – Game maker Ubisoft and publisher Funforge have partnered up on an ambitious project. A Far Cry board game is coming in 2021. An experience has been crafted to represent the world found in the popular first-person action-adventure RPG video game series. The game is releasing “at the end of the year” but people fortunate enough to be attending Essen Spiel (October 14 – 17) will be able to experience it for themselves.

The announcement from publisher Funforge, made on Facebook, was as about as slim as they come on details. The only thing made available was title artwork that revealed the title “Far Cry Beyond” and the vague release date. Given the broad scope of the game itself over the past two decades, it could go in many different directions. On thing is for sure, it will throw you into an open world and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The original Far Cry video game was released in 2004 and has since spawned 15 different stand-alone board games. There are six numbered games, with the most recent coming out in 2021, and a host of different spin-offs including Instincts, Evolution, Predator, Vengence, Paradise Lost and a VR game to name a few. The games themselves have spanned many different years and topics.

There is a very loose narrative with the only conjoining theme typically being that you are set out on “a lawless frontier” where “values and laws of today are non-functional”. All games are said to be set in the same fictional universe, so things are all connected.

More details are set to come so stay tuned….

Image via Funforge

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