March 31, 2022 – The book publisher owned by Asmodee had some good updates. Aconyte announces Fall board game books lineup. The company has its hands in all sort of board game universes but this particular update has to do with Zombicide, Arkham Horror, Legend of the Five Rings, Twilight Imperium and Descent Legends of the Dark.

The pub dates quoted below are the US paperback and global ebook on-sale publication days. The UK on-sale date is currently 2 months behind as the books travel on their first adventure across the sea.

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Arkham Horror Book Updates

OCTOBER. Secrets in Scarlet, an anthology edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells

A secret organization ruthlessly seeks power over supernatural terrors in this globe-trotting 9-story anthology of arcane mystery and adventure.

DECEMBER. Lair of the Crystal FangS A Sidor

Following on from the events of Cult of the Spider Queen our three investigators must confront the eldritch horrors of their past when a mysterious killer haunts the swirling sewers of Arkham.

Descent Legends of the Dark Book Updates

We have a new epic tale that ties into the new Decent game, Legends of the. Expanding on the lore of Terrinoth that you and your friends will experience in-game.

DECEMBER. The Tower of NerekDavid Guymer

A staggering fantasy adventure in the epic world of Descent: Legends of the Dark when a holy warrior and a legendary hero fight save a city from a demonic evil that threatens all of Terrinoth. Following on from The Shield of Daqan, Andira Runehand and Trenloe the Strong find themselves once again caught up in a sinister plot of demonic power.

Legend of the Five Rings Book Updates

We team up with EDGE Studios to bring new stories based on their L5R roleplay games

NOVEMBER. The Heart of IuchibanEvan Dicken

Set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings: Adventures in Rokugan RPG, this fantasy adventure pits noble samurai from each of the seven Great Clans, against a forgotten evil corrupting the whole realm.

Twilight Imperium Book Updates

NOVEMBER. The Stars Beyond, an anthology edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells

Just in time for the Twilight Imperium 25th Anniversary, an anthology of intergalactic civilization emerging from its war-torn ruins for the first time in generations to explore the galaxy. We’d love to tell you more, but we’ll leave that to the team at Fantasy Flight Games, so watch this space!

Zombicide Book Updates

FEBRUARY. All or NothingJosh Reynolds

Caught between murderous humans and hungry undead, Westlake, now a newly resurrected zombivor, must survive a casino-turned-gladiatorial arena and his own growing bloodlust in this dark, yet vibrant splatterfest as we continue the story started in Last Resort.


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