October 5, 2020 – It was announced today that Aconyte Books To Publish Terraforming Mars Novels Based on Board Game. This is exciting news considering the incredibly rich space corporation epic gameplay and because we named it best board game of the decade 2010 – 2020.

Terraforming Mars Novels Coming Summer 2021!!

The game released in 2016 and started as a blank canvas of a planet Mars that must be made livable by the many corporations that choose to set up there. It has since pumped out five fantastic expansions that have expanded the universe and have gone so far as to have you managing the politics of this future hope on Mars. It makes sense that they make Terraforming Mars novels, everyone has been clamoring for them.

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Aconyte / Asmodee / FryxGames / Stronghold

Aconyte is the new publishing wing of Asmodee. Thats right, that Asmodee, the one that owns the majority of board game companies (Z-Man, Fantasy Flight, Libellud) and has been getting into every synergistic business available. This makes perfect sense and is a smart move, good job Asmodee.

This does appear to be some interesting drama, however. This is a Stronghold Games title in the US, which also did some merging recently, coming together with Indie Boards and Cards, and to have their property fraternizing with another like that can’t feel great. Terraforming Mars was created by Swede Jacob Fryxelius who setup a Distribution company there called FryxGames and they are the ones who are apparently driving this train. All the countries and rights of all the games intertwine and it is all a friendly industry, so who knows if this is a big deal or not.

The Business of The Deal

Aconyte publisher Marc Gascoigne said: “We’re big fans of the Terraforming Mars games, and we’re looking forward to telling epic tales of science fiction exploration and adventure in this exciting setting. We may have our problems down here on Earth, but these novels will provide a much-needed escape to a different world.”

FryxGames’s CEO Enoch Fryxelius said: “Terraforming Mars is a game of bold and innovative ideas to take on the hostile environment of an alien planet and turn it into a living, breathing biosphere and a vibrant human civilization. We are excited to see some of these ideas come to life and become the backdrop of inspiring stories. Through these novels, we hope that more people will be dreaming about Mars and the future of human exploration.”

The first Terraforming Mars novel is expected to hit shops in summer 2021, with several further volumes being planned.

Terraforming Mars Board Game Aerial Overview
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IP Rules the World

The move here is incredibly clear to us. Ever since the Avengers came out in theatres, cinematic universes have been all the rage. And now that there are many streaming companies out there, they are all desperate for their own. Cue board games. There are no better sources of untapped intellectual property that could be developed into big worlds than some beloved board games. The Terraforming Mars Novels are a perfect place to build up a multi-series tv deal on any streaming network. Content rules the world.

So much more to come…

Source: Aconyte Books and Fryxgames collaborate to publish “Terraforming Mars” novels!

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