February 23, 2021 – Out of a slate announcement that was mostly never before existed titles, Funko did have a piece of big news for one of their biggest franchises. A new Alice in Wonderland Funkoverse pack was revealed. Built on the core fundamentals of the widely popular and expansive Funkoverse game, this is a standalone title that lets you play with all your favorite characters and run activities like playing croquet with the queen or trying to best the elusive white rabbit.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most recognizable creative properties out there. It feels unreal that the story originally was published a century and a half ago in 1865 but good stories last. Also, Disney did a pretty fantastic job in 1951 when they launched the animated film to gigantic success, and then again in 2010 when they released a live action version that grossed over a billion US dollars at the global box office (65th highest of any film according to Box Office Mojo at time of publication).

The great characters and unique world are the perfect subject for a new pack in this series. The game is set to be available April 2021 and is a title for 2-6 players with an approximate 40 minute playtime with age recommendation at 10+. The manufacturer suggested retail price sits at $24.99.

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In the Funkoverse Strategy Game, you combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in exciting game scenarios. Each turn, you select one of your characters and perform two actions. Each character has access to basic actions like moving and challenges as well as several unique abilities that may be performed only by spending ability tokens. Funkoverse uses an innovative “cooldown” system — the more powerful the ability, the longer it will take for the ability token to become available again — so players have to spend their ability tokens wisely. Each character in Funkoverse is unique, so players are encouraged to try out different combinations of characters and items in order to discover their favorite synergies and powerful strategies for the different game scenario

Funkoverse Strategy Game: Alice in Wonderland 100 is a standalone game that includes the characters Alice and The Queen of Hearts. This set may be combined with others, giving you the ability to assemble the team you want!

New Croquet game mode lets Alice compete against the Queen of Hearts! Use the new Flamingo Mallet Items to make trick shots through the croquet Wickets, have Alice follow the White Rabbit to earn extra movement, grow larger to push away her rivals, or grow smaller to run right past them!

Images via Funko

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