October 25, 2020 – Publisher HeidelBÄR Games showed off a few games at Spiel Digital and one thing of note was the Anansi Board Game Announcement. It is a trick-taking card game by Cyril Blondel and Jim Dratwa, where you have to be smart about which tricks you are trying to get! Oh yea, and each trick represents a story.

This looks like a very fun and faced paced card game that has some cool thematic elements. It is always hard to blend those two worlds, but this very stylish game looks like.

The game was originally announced on September 4th of this year but now there are more details. The release date is sometime in the fall of 2020!

HeidelBÄR Games was founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing the experience, passion and creativity to the international games stage. They are behind such hits as Through The Ages, Potion Explosion, The King’s Dilemma and Letter Jam to name a few.

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Check out the full description from the HeidelBÄR page:

Some say Anansi is a trickster, but he is a spider for sure and sometimes even a man. Let me tell you why he is also known as the “Keeper of Stories”.
Once Anansi decided to gather all stories and become the wisest of all. After many years he finally had all the stories in the world, but poor Anansi did not feel any wiser. Eventually, he realized that true wisdom is not achieved by keeping knowledge to yourself and so he decided to share his stories and inspire people with them. And believe it or not, this is how this game was made!

Anansi Board Game Announcement Cards

In this trick-taking card game by Cyril Blondel and Jim Dratwa, you have to be smart about which tricks you are trying to get! Each trick represents a story, but stories untold are worth only a little. If you can aquire followers as well – by playing a card not to the trick but for their indicated number of followers – you can match up your followers with stories to inspire them. It should always be your goal to inspire all your followers, because this grants you the tricksters favour and sweet bonus points.

Note, the cards played to gain followers can affect the trump suit and therefore the trump can change several times in a game. It is up to you to adapt to the new situation!

Anansi is in series with Spicy, our card game recommended by Game of the Year 2020. Game box and card backs are decorated with a special metallic print in purple. For such a  rich and cultural theme, we were able to gather brilliant artists from the African continent, who were able to create a unique and colorful look for the story world of Anansi.

Anansi Board Game Announcement Box Art

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