Asmodee has acquired publisher Libellud, the French publisher who controls mega party hit Dixit among others.

Asmodee, one of if not the most powerful board game publishers in the world, continues to expand its catalog by acquiring yet another publisher. According to, the French giant, owned by PAI Partners, continues its external growth.

Libellud is the publisher of mega titles such as the Dixit universe (so many games and expansions), clue like mystery game Mysterium and pool building game Dice Forge. The original Le Point article claims the publisher employs around twenty people and generates ten million euros in sales.

The company that controls mega game Settlers of Catan has been making big pushes in its scale and large innovation in the digital arena. Other labels controlled by Asmodee include Filosofia Éditions, Z-Man Games, Inc., Plaid Hat Games, Pretzel Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder, Catan Studio, and the new Windrider Games. People sometimes will refer to them as the Disney of board games and who doesn’t like Disney?

Board games have entered a new renaissance. Not only are they more popular than ever, but platforms like Kickstarter have made the publication of games more accessible, and social media has made marketing and word of mouth spread easier and more effectively. So physical games are selling and they are selling well.

The most important thing about digital, however, is the opportunity for licensing. Platforms like Tabletopia, Board Game Arena and upcoming GameApart pay licensing fees to get these game properties on their platforms. There is also the creation of digital apps and video games.

There are also more opportunities for entertainment content than ever. Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Apple, Peacock, HBO, Pivot, Amazon and so much more. People want established IP to churn out. Can anyone say Settlers of Catan the tv show? We are not saying any of this is actually happening but we can see a future world where it does. And Asmodee, if you are listening, we have tv and movie ideas for all of your product.

Asmodee has clearly identified a strong business model and they are going after it hard. We reached out to Asmodee for comment but had not heard back by the time of this publication.

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