October 29, 2021 – In several different press releases, Asmodee Dropped a Massive Distribution Deal Announcement with 8 Different Companies. That’s right, in a single day, the board game behemoth announced they are taking over the distribution for these different game, dice and puzzle companies, as well as, one CCG.

This is another big move in their consolidation of power to be in control of major pieces of the industry, giving them greater leverage and synergy power at every step of the business side of things.

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These new distribution deals, that equal a size and scope that outweighs most individual gaming companies, vary from non-exclusive to exclusive worldwide. They cover the below 8 different operations:

Level 99 Games Logo

Level 99 Games and Asmodee

Asmodee USA and Level 99 Games announced they have entered into a worldwide exclusive distribution contract. This agreement will bring Level 99 Games’ current English language library of titles to all Asmodee USA’s customers.

Level 99 Games are best described by their vision to bring the world of video games to the tabletop through high-quality board games. Every title is about self-expression, discovery, and relevance, ensuring everyone is having a blast at the table. Key titles in the Level 99 Games catalog include Pixel Tactics, Argent: the Consortium, Empyreal: Spells & Steam, Millennium Blades, and BattleCON. They also recently announced Bullet★, a follow up to the sold-out Bullet♥ that received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

Select Level 99 Games titles will be available beginning November 2021, including several Pixel Tactics, Exceed Fighting System, Millennium Blades, and BattleCON titles. Additional games will be available in 2022.


Level 99 Games was founded in 2011 by D. Brad Talton Jr. As an avid fan of both tabletop and video games, Brad had difficulty finding games that could bring his video gamer friends to the board gaming table. Brad created Level 99 Games to transform the best ideas from the video game sphere onto paper and cardboard. In the decade since, Level 99 Games has created countless board games that bring to life what we love most in video gaming.


Chessex Manufacturing Logo

Chessex Manufacturing and Asmodee

Asmodee USA announced their non-exclusive distribution agreement with Chessex Manufacturing, makers of a wide variety of gaming accessories. To further provide first-class service in distribution, Asmodee USA is growing their offering of accessories, with a focus on dice, with this partnership.

Chessex Manufacturing is well known for their extensive selection of high-quality, affordable dice, and Asmodee USA is proud to offer them to their hobby and toy & gift customers. With this agreement, Asmodee USA is better able to service their customers’ wide range of gaming accessory needs.

Chessex Manufacturing’s dice will be available through Asmodee USA beginning November 2021.


Founded in 1987, Chessex Manufacturing has had a long history of manufacturing gaming accessories with an emphasis on dice. Our goal is to provide high quality gaming accessories at affordable prices.


Dyce Games logo

Dyce Games and Asmodee

Asmodee USA announced their non-exclusive distribution agreement with Dyce Games. This agreement will bring their library to both hobby and toy & gift customers looking for a variety of fun family and adult games.

Dyce is well known for its initial game Bad People, one of the most savage party games ever made. Players take turns voting for their friends on outrageous questions sure to reveal a little more about everyone playing. After their initial success, Dyce went on to create other party games, including Pick Your Poison, a game of unbelievable what would you rather do scenarios. It’s the perfect game for a good laugh as you figure out just how messed up your friends are. Other popular titles include Brain Freeze and Bad Choices.

Dyce games, including Bad People, Bad Choices, Pick Your Poison NSFW, and Brain Freeze NSFW will be available through Asmodee USA in November 2021 with more releases to come.


Dyce is a fun team of passionate game lovers, designers and marketers originally founded in 2016 by Mike Lancaster. After the success of his first game Bad People, Dyce has grown their game portfolio to include many amazing family and adult party games that they’re proud to sell across the world. Their mission is to create fun games that people can play together in the real world, bringing friends and families closer together.


DSS Games Logo

DSS Games and Asmodee

Asmodee USA and DSS Games announced a non- exclusive distribution agreement that will bring their highly entertaining games to brick- and-mortar hobby stores. DSS Games’ unique mix of adult themed and family-oriented party games offer everyone a chance to get together, play a game, and have a good laugh.

The cornerstone of DSS Games is Drunk Stoned or Stupid, a party game that saw initial success on Kickstarter and has since found its way on to shelves around the world. From there, the imaginative team of creators went on to introduce a wide selection of other party games including You Laugh You Drink, The Best Friend Game, Sriracha: The Game, and more. Each game offers a wildly fun experience that only takes a matter of seconds to learn.

The full library of DSS Games will be available from Asmodee USA to brick-and-mortar hobby stores beginning November 2021.


In 2015, DSS Games was launched by Andy, Noah and Trevor Mayer with the Drunk Stoned or Stupid Kickstarter. Since its release, Drunk Stoned and Stupid has consistently been a top seller for the 18+ crowd, with well over 1 million copies sold. Now, DSS Games has expanded their catalogue and is the leading creator of one-of-a-kind social games, such as Sriracha: The Game, You Laugh You Drink, The Best Friend Game and more. You can find both their party games and family games worldwide.


Jason Anarchy Games Logo

Jason Anarchy Games and Asmodee

Asmodee USA announced they will distribute titles from Jason Anarchy Games as they further grow their distribution catalog with unique games designed for dedicated gamers who look for a more casual experience.

Since 2011, Jason Anarchy Games has been making titles for what they call the hardcore casual player. These are players that are looking for a game that is a lot of fun with friends but without the need for long, complicated rules. The hardcore casual player will feel right at home with games like Drinking Quest – their flagship title that mixes a drinking game with a tabletop RPG – Your Friend is Sad, a game about cheering up a sad friend, and Millennial Manatees: Board Game in a Fanatee Pack, which comes in a beautiful fanny pack.

Jason Anarchy Games’ product, including Drinking Quest: Old Habits, Your Friend is Sad, and Millennial Manatees, will be available through Asmodee USA beginning November 2021.


Since 2011, Jason Anarchy Games has built a grassroots following by being heavily active on social media and by being where the people are, working over 100 different conventions. Designer “Jason Anarchy” can be seen on Twitter tweeting some heavy self-parody material and talking about his magnificent biceps. But behind the scenes his focus is on creating casual, comedy games like the Drinking Quest series, Your Friend is Sad, HECK: A Tiny Card Game, Le Neckbeard, Haiku Warrior, Newfoundland Jam and Millennial Manatees.


My Hero Academy CCG Logo

My Hero Academia CCG: Crimson Rampage and Asmodee

After the successful launch of set one of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game, Asmodee USA is happy to announce their worldwide exclusive partnership with Jasco Games will continue for Crimson Rampage, the second MHA CCG set.

In MHA CCG: Crimson Rampage, players build powerful decks for Izuku Midoriya, pro Heroes, and classmates of 1-A and 1-B. This new set of the MHA CCG builds upon Jasco Games’ popular UniVersus system and introduces new strategies and tactics to the game. At launch, stores will have access to booster boxes and new playmats, with a new Deck- Loadable Content pack following shortly after. Organized play will also be supported with a new tournament kit for the community.

Stores that missed out on the first set of the My Hero Academia CCG will not want to miss My Hero Academia CCG: Crimson Rampage. Asmodee USA is now taking pre-orders.


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jasco Games is a premier designer and publisher of tabletop games, collectible card games, board games, and more. Established in 1998, Jasco Games brings big screen classics and pop culture icons to life – and to your game tables! We’re on a constant mission to create high quality games that are true to the source material and packed with layers of fun and fresh concepts! With a worldwide reach and a talented and diverse team, Jasco Games delivers superior product design and services. Jasco Games has joined forces with industry leaders Capcom, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Toei Animation, Sunrise Animation, Funimation, SNK Playmore, Level 99 Games, and more. These partnerships and our unwavering commitment to quality are at the heart of our reputation as author and producer of the best gaming experiences.


Poptacular Logo

Poptacular and Asmodee

Today, Asmodee USA announced their exclusive distribution agreement with Poptacular. This partnership will bring their popular travel game 100 PICS, to an audience within the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

Poptacular, initially known for the 100 PICS app, has a wide range of titles perfect for the entire family. The 100 PICS travel game is pocket sized and packed with fun. It challenges players to guess different pictures based on partially revealing the image along with deciphering an anagram clue. 100 PICS comes in a variety of editions, discovering if people can name popular logos, dog breeds, countries, and so much more. Each edition is designed to help boost brain memory and is a great stem toy and spelling game for kids and adults.

Poptacular’s catalog of travel games will be available through Asmodee USA beginning November 2021.


Poptacular creates feel good games for families – sometimes educational, always entertaining. 100 PICS is the worlds biggest picture game, with 1000s of pictures on 100s of topics, and over 50 million downloads on app stores. 100 PICS travel games allow the fun to continue – without wifi, battery or screentime needed!


Re-marks Puzzles Logo

Re-Marks Puzzles and Asmodee

Asmodee USA announced their worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Re-marks, Inc.. The addition of Re-marks’ high-quality jigsaw puzzles to their distribution catalog opens up a new selection of sought-after items for retailers and customers alike.

Re-marks offers stylish and educational all-ages puzzles, bookmarks and games that are sure to please everyone. Featuring both illustrated and photographic content, Re-marks’ puzzle themes include literature, travel, pop culture, art, science, history, and more. The piece counts are varied and calibrated to the individual puzzler’s preference.

A selection of puzzles will be available beginning November 2021, including the 1000- piece panoramic Classic Movies, panoramic Bestsellers, the Periodic Table, the 1960s and the 15000 piece Van Gogh. Additional puzzles will be available in the future.


Re-Marks believes there is no end to the demand for fun, tactile and inspiring designs that encourage time away from digital clutter. Our goal is to generate functional products that have the look and feel of fine art. Re-marks is a triple bottom line company: People. Planet. Profits.


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