March 16, 2021 – Asmodee announced today that they are signing a deal with Thundergryph Games to be the exclusive English language publisher of their catalog of board games. These will start rolling out in 2021 and will apply to many of the many popular titles they are behind in the last few years.

They are behind popular strategy titles like Tang Garden, Spirits of the Forest and Iwari, as well as, titles that appeal to families like Hats and Rolling Ranch.

Thundergryth Games has had an inspirational path since its founding in 2016. You can check out their history through a fun infographic here, but basically, they started as a team of five and have since grown into a multimedia hit machine that is on the cutting edge of quality. They were formed in Spain.

This move makes sense. Back in September of last year Thundergryth announced a similar deal to have their catalog in the Italian language through Ghenos. Asmodee is, as always, the big player in the boar game game and has been growing like crazy. They have made tons of moves as of late but just a few days ago announced the acquisition of the Plan B Games group that included titles like Azul and Great Western Trail.
“Asmodee shares Thundergryph Game’s commitment to growing relationships and connecting family and friends, one game at a time,” said Andre Kieren, Head of USA Distribution. “Our team is looking forward to sharing their imaginative line of games with our retail partners.”
“Asmodee has given us the warmest welcome as our new English distribution partner, and we already feel like part of the family,” commented Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, Founder and President of Thundergryph Games. “This important relationship will help us grow professionally as a board game publisher. We are extremely excited to unveil our plans for 2021 together.”
Thundergryph Games’ titles will become available throughout 2021, including the highly anticipated Darwin’s Journey that just completed a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Asmodee | Image: Thundergryph

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