May 21, 2021 – Announced via Twitter this morning, Asmodee will not be at Gen Con 2021. The biggest game company in the world that controls some of the biggest brands, platforms and overall titles has made it clear that they will not be attending the event expected to be held September 16-19, 2021 in Indianapolis Indiana.

“Asmodee has decided to not physically participate in Gen Con 2021, instead we’ll be focusing our support on Gen Con Online to bring you exciting news + great play together while keeping staff, partners and customers safe.”

It is all about health, there is not bad blood between the organizations or anything like that. Asmodee went on to add in the discussion “Gen_Con ensures we can continue to support an amazing community event and the industry! We’re so excited to participate and will release more information as we get closer to September.”

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This is a big loss for anyone looking to get reemerged into the board game world, since they are behind most of the names you know and love, but this could be an opportunity for the little publishers and projects to make a splash.

The 2021 Board Game convention schedule has been constantly moving around with all the uncertainty out there. No one has successfully pulled off an in-person convention yet. It appears the first one out of the gate will be the UK Game Expo taking place July 30 – August 1, 2021. September seems like it would be a good bet, but it appears there are still too many uncertainties to plan for. You do have to plan these things very far in advance and that must be tough.

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