October 21, 2021 – The AwShux 2021 Shut Up and Sit Down Board Game Convention moved online, it is this weekend (Friday, October 22 – Sunday, October 24) and it is completely free! They were originally supposed to have a venue in Vancouver, but again this year, those plans were scrapped to due health and safety concerns.

There are tons of great publishers participating and lots going on and all the great things happening have been showing up in the official Twitter feed, but no great place to get it all in one snapshot. First, we will hop into what you need to know about the event, basically a recap of a blog post from Shut Up & Sit Down, and then we will get into some of the exciting event schedules.

How Do I Sign Up For AwShux 2021?

All you need to do is head on over to https://www.awshux.show/ and bookmark the page. All the details you need to know will be revealed there once the event begins. Head over there on Friday, October 22nd at 4pm BST | 8am PDT | 11am EDT and you should be great. There is tons of gaming to get into, so even if you are not there right at opening time, there will be plenty available to you all weekend long (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). This is an international event so your particular time should not be an issue.

What Should I Expect From AwShux 2021?

AwShux will be running ONE Twitch channel 12 hours a day (with a replay of those 12 hours over the following 12 for a truly 24 hour, international event), 3 days in a row, with incredible live content:

  1. Massive live games we will play with everyone watching.
  2. Live plays of some of the show’s hottest launch titles.

Special Guests (designers, gaming personalities, etc) will be out there mingling and playing games, so keep an ear out for that recognizable voice in the games you’re playing…

A virtual convention hall – seeing, trying, and buying the newest games the industry has to offer that involves a ‘virtual’ hall where “scrolling down the page feels kinda just like walking down the concourse.”

Lots of playing games from home with the ability to win fantastic prizes. Attendees receive 7 days of Tabletopia Premium for free!

AwShux 2021 Schedule

AwShux 2021 Schedule


Publisher Table of Contents (A-Z)

Games Table of Contents (A-Z)

And many many more…

Arcane Wonders

Bad Kerning Games

CrowD Games

Dragon Dawn Productions

Escape Plan

Evan’s Games

Flatout Games

Floodgate Games

Forbidden Games

Gale Force Nine

Guf Studios

Guildhall Studios

Hot Banana Games

IV Games

Keen Bean Studio

Kids Table BG

Mighty Boards

MoD Games

North Quarter Games

Oni Press

Pandasaurus Games


Renegade Game Studios

Rock Manor Games

Roomiz Games

Rose Gauntlet

Sheltonshire Games

Short Hop Games

Steeped Games

Stop, Drop & Roll Games Studio

Stranger Games Studio

Tabula Games

Terrible Games

Tickle Bear Games

Upper Deck

Wicked Magic Games

Wyrd Games

Will you be attending the AwShux 2021 Shut Up and Sit Down Board Game Convention? Let us know in the comments below!