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Your ultimate guide to the list of best Ascension expansions. The original game came out in 2010 and has since churned out a total of 13 quality expansions over the years. These add a ton of new cards and game mechanics to the deck building game originally created by Magic The Gathering Pro Tour champions. In case you are unaware, Ascension is a game in which players spend Runes to acquire more powerful cards for their deck. There are things that have to do with your resources and there are separate things that build up your attack. Both make you stronger. It is up to you to decide how to best move forward. The base game is great, but it can be made better. Playable each of these as a stand-alone 1 – 4 player game or combine with other sets to play up to 6 players. This is our comprehensive guide to the best Ascension expansions.


Best Ascension Expansions Alliances

#13 | Alliances Expansion (2017)

Alliances takes the bottom spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because this does add an interesting gameplay component, but not too important in the grand scheme of things. Forge New Alliances in the War for Vigil. In this Alliances expansion grab some friends and compete for dominance as two-player teams. Ascension: Alliances brings multiplayer to all your favorite Ascension sets.

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Best Ascension Expansions Gift Of The Elements

#12 | Gift of the Elements Expansion (2017)

Gift of the Elements takes the second to last spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because while the content certainly adds value, the other sets just add more. Harness the Power of the Elements. Ancient elementals roam the lands, awoken from their hibernations by decades of war and turmoil. Some offer the chance to wield new power, while others offer only chaos and destruction. Join the people of new vigil as they attempt to discover the lessons of the elementals, and how to wield them, as they fight to protect their world against unseen forces.

New events that transform into powerful heroes. Disrupt your opponent’s deck with infest monsters. Acquire empowered heroes to banish cards quickly. There is lots to enjoy in this Ascension expansion.

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Best Ascension Expansions Valley Of The Ancients

#11 | Valley of the Ancients Expansion (2017)

Valley of the Ancients takes the eleventh spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because the content is good but you can still do better. Unlock the Power of the Ancients! Race to unlock and control mysterious temples left behind by an ancient civilization, built to harness the powers of creation. Beware of the surrounding jungle and its monstrous inhabitants, mutated for centuries by the temples’ unchecked power.

In this Ascension Ex[ansion, players can now use keystones to fight for control of powerful temples and unlock their power. New keywords serenity and echo allow players to harness the power of their discard piles.

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Best Ascension Expansions Dawn Of Champions

#10 | Dawn of Champions Expansion (2015)

Dawn of Champions takes the tenth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because the content is very solid, just not as innovative or fresh as other titles here. Dawn of Champions brings with it an all-new way to play the game with the new Champion cards, as well as introducing faction specific monsters for the first time! In Dawn of Champions, players take on the role of Champions of each of the four factions Dhartha, Nairi, Sadranis, and Kor. Through acquiring or defeating cards that share a faction with their champion, players build reputation, unlocking special cards and abilities as the game progresses. Dawn of Champions also introduces the new Rally mechanic, which allows players a chance to acquire or defeat additional Heroes and Monsters of the same faction, bolstering their ranks as long as they remain loyal to their faction’s cause.

New champion cards let you play as faction leaders, building your reputation to unlock powerful cards and effects. This Ascension expansion also includes exciting new multi-faction cards to acquire and defeat, including constructs and monsters.

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Best Ascension Expansions Darkness Unleashed

#09 | Darkness Unleashed Expansion (2013)

Darkness Unleashed takes the nineth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because while solid, you are seeing some things you have seen before and it is best to start elsewhere. Erabus is Free. Erabus, the twisted spawn of old gods is free of his crystalline prison. The energy shards that once imprisoned him are now the only hope to stop a god bent on revenge. Without a champion to stand against Erabus, Vigil will fall.

New energize cards, including heroes and constructs that transform into even more powerful forms. You also will have the ability to harness the power of dark energy shards, a new take on the treasure cards introduced in Ascention: Rise of Vigil.

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Best Ascension Expansions Rise of Virgil

#08 | Rise of Vigil Expansion (2013)

Rise of Vigil takes the eighth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because everything added is solid, it is just not a slam dunk like the others. With Kythis vanquished and the Well of Souls restored, the world of Vigil was at last at peace. The factions, once divided, came together to rebuild their shattered world. In the midst of this age of peace, mysterious crystal shards rained down upon the world, pulsing with powerful energy. Some heralded the shards as signs of a glorious new age, but the twisted creatures that appeared in their wake suggest they may be harbingers of something else.

In this Ascension expansion, you have the ability to harness the all new treasure cards to unlock powerful energize abilities of all new heroes and constructs.

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Best Ascension Expansions Immortal Heroes

#07 | Immortal Heroes Expansion (2012)

Immortal Heroes takes the middle spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because you are starting to get into the good stuff. Kythis Must Be Stopped! Bent on ascending to replace the slain god Samael, Kythis has begun gathering souls of fallen heroes to fuel his mad quest. It’s up to you to marshal the forces of Vigil’s past and present to stop the demigod once and for all.

In this Ascension expansion, wield the power of the new soul gems to gain powerful heroes from the past. The set includes new trophy monsters and events. There is also a new way to incorporate events with past expansions.

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Best Ascension Expansions Return Of The Fallen

#06 | Return of the Fallen Expansion (2011)

Return of the Fallen takes the sixth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because, this being the first expansion, solved some much needed issues but is still eclipsed by some of the titles that have come before. If you want a job done, sometimes you have to do it yourself. Samael the Fallen God has returned in his true form, and is intent on obliterating your world. Will you be able to overcome monstrous obstacles and assemble a mighty army to end Samael’s reign once and for all?

This Ascension expansion was the first to release after the core game and continues to innovate the experience with an all new fate mechanic.

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Best Ascension Expansions Storm Of Souls

#05 | Storm of Souls Expansion (2011)

Storm of Souls takes the fifth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because the news materials are something special that are not like other aspects of other sets. Samael is defeated, but the world of Vigil has been left in turmoil in his wake. In Storm of Souls, players will see different factions rise to prominence with the new Event cards, and have powerful new Trophy Monsters to hunt! In addition to the brand-new mechanics, players will also see powerful new takes on popular mechanics from past Ascension releases.

In this Ascension expansion, you will have the opportunity to adventure in a fantastic world where all new event cards change the rules of the game as you play. Gain power by collecting exciting new trophy rewards.

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Best Ascension Expansions Realms Unraveled

#04 | Realms Unraveled Expansion (2014)

Realms Unraveled takes the fourth spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because the new combos you can put together are a very big upgrade. This set features the first heroes that belong to multiple factions, allowing for never before seen combinations of abilities.

These dual-faction heroes have particular significance alongside the expansion’s major new mechanic, Multi-Unite, which offers huge rewards to players who play multiple heroes from the same faction in a single turn. Along with Multi-Unite, Realms Unraveled features the return of the Transform mechanic, which allows players to permanently turn cards they acquire into more powerful versions as the game progresses.

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Best Ascension Expansions Delirium

#03 | Delirium Expansion (2018)

Delirium takes the third spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because this is top tier content, it just happens to fall short of the two other versions that best it on this list. A new portal into the Dreamscape has been opened. The world of Vigil is warped by dreams and nightmares come to life. You must wield the power of the Dreamborn to battle the forces of Delirium to save the realm.

Use insight to access powerful new hero abilities and to roll the delirium die. Recruit legendary heroes who have been warped by delirium into new forms.

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Best Ascension Expansions Deliverance

#02 | Deliverance Expansion (2018)

Deliverance takes the runner up spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because even though this adds just as many materials as any other edition, the game improves so much that it feels like there is a lot more. The world of dreams has become a living nightmare. With the portal between dreams and reality opened, the world has descended into madness. Only you can harness the power needed to close the portal to the Dreamscape and restore the world to order.

In this Ascension expansion, players start with a small group of loyal but untrained followers, you acquire mighty Heroes and powerful Constructs to aid you in your quest to defeat evil Monsters and achieve victory. Each turn, you will play cards to gain resources. These resources will allow you to acquire new heroes and constructs for your deck and defeat Monsters to earn rewards. At the end of the game, the player with the most Honor from cards they have acquired and monster rewards is the winner.

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Best Ascension Expansions Dreamscape

#01 | Dreamscape Expansion (2015)

Dreamscape takes the top spot on the list of the best Ascension expansions because the dream mechanic is very cool and adds great dimension to the game. A plane of visions and imagination created in the wake of New Vigil’s transformation. As the factions gain insight into the new world’s power, they must also be on guard for those who might abuse it for their own nefarious ends. Join the heroes of New Vigil as they explore the exciting possibilities that await them in the Dreamscape.

New insight resource allows players to acquire exclusive dream cards unavailable to other players. Use the Dreamscape to access the powerful new vision cards, as well as, heroes and constructs.

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  1. says: Marc

    Realms Unraveled I treat as a joke set, like the Un- sets from Magic the Gathering. Racking up 100 runes gets boring on the app – I can’t imagine doing it in person.

    For me, RoV and DU are the best – the shards really shake things up. Dawn of Champions’ level-up abilities are neat, and I’d like to see them bring that mechanic back.

    I thought Dreamscape was OK, but now that there’s another set using Insight, I might add that.

    Added bonus of Alliances – you get a deck box! I use it to keep Apprentice Edition in for playing solo when I’m out and about.

    Finally, you left out Skulls and Sails – that’s a fun set with the ship mechanic. I believe it’s getting another expansion that goes with it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Marc, lots to think about here. Skulls and Sails was left off, like the Ascencion X titles because it felt like a separate game, but your discontent over its absence has been noted.

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