Point of view: you’re wondering what the best unscramble game is to sharpen your word skills and exercise your brain? Well, you’re in the right place.

For us lovers of words, there’s a whole host of absolutely fun anagram games to play on your phone, tablet and computer nowadays.

This article will walk through captivating and challenging word jumbles and word scramble games to keep your grey matter nice and healthy.

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Without further ado, let’s jump into the best word game apps for adults and kiddos that require you to unscramble letters to form words. Listed in no particular order, the following word scrambler games all stimulate your mind, spelling skills and concentration.

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Wordscapes on Google Play and the Apple App Store fuses word searching, anagrams, and crosswords into some brain challenging fun.

The game includes more than 6,000 crossword and anagram word puzzles that become increasingly challenging. What makes Wordsapes unique is that the app displays beautiful scenery.

Like most other popular word games for adults (and youngins for that matter), Wordscapes shows ads to support the teams that develop and publish the application. But you can make a one-time purchase to remove the ads.

Word Cookies

Word Cookies is an educational anagram game to test your spelling skills and keep your brain active. The scramble game is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

You spell words by swiping the “alphabet cookies” on the baking pan. The words you find then get added to a cookie jar and earn you coins.

What distinguishes Word Cookies is that it has 2,000+ levels (and counting), daily bonus rewards, and no time limits. You can also use hints within the app to get clues and jog your memory.

The word puzzles on Word Cookies are all free, but you can upgrade your account to remove ads and receive extra hints/clues.

Plus, the creators of Word Cookies, BitMango, have also developed the word search games Word Farm and Word Tiles if you fancy a gander.

Word Chums

Word Chums on the Apple App Store and Google Play is a social word puzzle game that you can play solo or against your friends.

The app is a word building game with a built-in dictionary and different playing modes (e.g. team, 3-4 player, etc.). The better the dictionary score of the word you form, the more XP you earn and thus the more gear for your chums.

Word Chums app includes “word search hints” that are useful when you’re struggling to rearrange letters into a word. The hints point you to the location of a better word.

Word Chums is free but if you make a one-time purchase, then all ads are removed.


Boggle is one of the most popular and simple word search games.

The goal is to find as many words as possible in the random letters on the 4×4 grid during a 3-minute period. You can move from one letter (dice) to another if they are neighboring each other, but you cannot skip or “jump” across letters.

So essentially you are “chaining” letters together to find words. You earn one point for finding words with 3-4 letters, two points for 5-letter words, three points for 6-letter words, five points for 7-letter words, and 11 points for words with eight letters or more.

Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2 is another popular letter unscramble game that’s free on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play. The mobile word game puzzle is great for challenging your brain and relaxing at the end of a long day.

The aim of this brain-teasing unscramble game is essentially to find words out of jumbled lines of letters. You then underline them with your finger to score points. Find the largest word to advance to the next level.

Simply rearrange the scrambled letters to create words and underline them with your finger to score points.

The anagram game even has options for lefties, which is quite rare, and you can choose to play either timed or untimed. Plus, you can also access two additional word puzzle games within the app: Cloud Pop and Star Tower.


scrabble letter and board

For many of us word gurus out there, Scrabble is the go-to word scramble puzzle.

In a game of Scrabble, two to four players compete by forming words with single letter tiles.

The Scrabble game board is divided into a 15 X 15 grid with “normal” spaces as well as special triple letter, triple word, double letter, and double word spaces. Players score points based on the word they form and in which spaces they place the letters.

In the new mobile ScrabbleGo app, players can chat with and meet other players. This may or may not be a positive feature of the app, especially for younger users and when the chatting is unrelated to the Scrabble game.

Bonus tip: If you find yourself stumped playing Scrabble, Crossword Solver has developed a new Scrabble Word Finder to help you play high-scoring words and become a better Scrabbler.

You can also use the Scrabble Dictionary checker to see if a word is valid in the Scrabble word dictionary before you attempt to play it against your opponents.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is another exhilarating (and widely used) anagram unscramble game that is very similar to Scrabble word games.

Similar to the new ScrabbleGo app, players can chat with and meet other players on the Words With Friends application. We recommend younger users take caution with this feature.

Bonus tip: Crossword Solver also has a Word With Friends Solver and Words With Friends Dictionary checker you can use if you’re struggling to place letters on the board (or if you just want to impress your opponents).


AnagrApp is a brain training game available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Form words by tapping on the letters one by one or by sliding your finger from one letter to another. The same letters can be used to form different words.

When the game kicks off, there are many different levels you can start at and jump to at any moment. These levels range from three letters to 8 letters. As you progress, you can access more than a hundred levels with new ones routinely added. The levels in AnagrApp unscramble game are notorious for being quite challenging, but that’s what makes it unique.

But what really distinguishes AnagrApp is that it has absolutely NO ADS. The app is also easy to use for all ages and available in 10 different languages.


WordFeud is another free multiplayer word scramble game for iOS and Android that is similar to Scrabble and Words With Friends, but with unique twists and benefits.

Through the app, you can invite and challenge your friends or compete against random opponents.

Similar to Scrabble and WWF, you want to land your most valuable letters on the special Double Word, Triple Word, Double Letter, and Triple Letter spaces on the WordFeud board to blow your opponent away. The free version has ads, just like Scrabble and WWF, but you can upgrade for ad-free word gaming.

Plus, WordFeud allows you to play at your own pace, in ten different languages, and participate in as many as 30 games at the same time. This is a wonderful perk when you want to score points on several game boards simultaneously.


Wordscraper is another free, Scrabble-style word game originally available as a Facebook app but now available via other online and offline platforms.

What makes it different from the Scrabble game is that it doesn’t have a fixed board design or tile distribution. Instead, users choose their own.

Wordscraper is now available in 30+ languages, offering significantly more dictionaries to play against than both Scrabble and Words With Friends.

TextTwist 2

TextTwist2 is the sequel to the original twist game. The anagram game includes three new game modes, two of the popular original modes, and more than 25,000 words to find.

The objective of TextTwist2 is essentially to shuffle letters to form words. But each game mode varies in some way.

In the original timed mode, the goal is to make as many words as possible with a random set of letters during each two-minute round. You can switch the game into untimed mode for a chance to practice as well.

The three all-new game modes have more unique differences.

  • Lightning mode: find the word that uses all of the letters as fast as you can.
  • Crossword mode: complete a crossword puzzle using a limited number of letters.
  • Word of the Day mode: make a word with a brand-new group of letters every day.

TextTwist is one of the best word games for kids because it’s relatively simple and enjoyable to use. It also facilitates strong spelling skills as it encourages you to recognize common letter pairings and new words.

There are also browser versions of the original game in which you click on the letters to make words. At the top of the online version of the anagram game, the words you create are shown based on word length as well as in alphabetical order.

tile letter spelling learn

9 Letter Jumble

The goal of this new word unscramble game is to see how many words you can find from the jumbled letters of a 9-letter word. Each level of the game has 9 letters, which are arranged in a 3 x 3 grid. You can move on to the next level once you find 50% of the words on the current one.

This word finding game has simple rules: each word must have atleast four letters and you must use the letter in the middle of the grid. In every level, there is always at least one 9-letter word.

Plus, the definitions of all words are available in the word scramble app. You can also use clues to see the definition of a word you haven’t yet found.

Pressed for Words

Pressed for Words is a super simple yet addictive word scramble game for newbies and experts alike.

In the game, you work with six letters and a 2 ½ minute clock. The goal is to identify all the words possible with these six letters before the clock runs out. The more words you form, the higher your score at the end.

If you get stuck or need a new perspective, you can select ‘mix’ within the application to reorder or rearrange the letters. If you are wondering if you’re close to identifying all the possible words, you can check the answer grid to determine how many words, if any, you have yet to identify.

There are more than 4,000 Pressed for Words puzzles to solve. Each time you play, you can compete against the clock to beat your previous and highest scores. Plus, with this anagram game, you don’t need internet connection or to even sign in to the mobile app.

You can access the Pressed for Words word scramble game app on Apple and Google Play.

Word Whomp

Word Whomp HD is another free anagrams game in which you must think “on your feet” to quickly form as many words as you can. It combines a variety of your favorite word scramble games.

The objective of the online word game is to spell as many words as possible with the six letters provided. Words must be at least three letters long and not proper names, abbreviations or contractions.

There are three skill levels to choose from in the Word Whomp unscramble game. The higher levels are more challenging in terms of the letter combinations, but you score more points for forming words. As you spell words, you progress through the bonus carts.

Pro tip: If you get the letter “s”, don’t forget to make words both singular and plural.

anagram letters spelling application

Get Help for Your Unscramble Game

Now that we’ve walked through the best unscramble games for iOS, Android and browser applications, which one will you try out? And what happens if you’re ever struggling to decode word scrambles and form words out of jumbled letters?

Crossword Solver has developed Anagram Solver to help when you’re in a pickle. Anagram Solver is a word scramble generator that’s your best friend when you need some external assistance.

Hey, we can’t always be on our “A game.” We’re human, after all, and likely don’t know every word in the dictionary. And, sometimes, we just experience mental blocks. That’s when this new word scramble finder comes in handy.

This new word scramble maker/word search maker allows you to enter as many letters as needed including blank “wildcard” letters. Plus, the word unscrambler can decode phrases in addition to words.

Anagram Solver, the word scramble decoder app by Crossword Solver, also provides a great way to expand your vocabulary and improve your spelling as it allows you to click on any word to see the definition, part of speech and relevant word game information.

Now go on, anagram solvers! Enjoy playing your next word game. Cheers.

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