July 20, 2021 – The publisher behind some top party games has something new. Big Potato Announces What Next, a pick your path adventure game. The company has been doing bigger and better things as time goes on and this is another great example.

Adventure awaits—which path will you choose? What Next?, the world’s first action-adventure board game from Big Potato, is coming this August and is the first tabletop game of its kind! The game will be available on Amazon and elsewhere for an MSRP of $50.

What Next? is a cooperative game that adds a fun, physical twist to the “choose-your-own-adventure” concept. The game includes three adventures, each one packed with twists and turns players will face together in real life (or take the journey alone and play solo).

Choosing the right path is only half the battle. Test your dexterity and motor skills along the way through fun physical challenges that may ask you to blow a card across the table, or catch a game piece before it hits the floor. Each successful challenge brings you one step closer to victory. 

Fail a challenge, and the journey gets more dangerous: add a wooden piece to the Tower of Peril. Complete your adventure without destroying the Tower of Peril! If it topples, it’s game over for everyone!

Big Potato Announces Whats Next

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Big Potato most recently announced Snakesss, a new board game from the creator of Sushi Go. They are also promoting Burn Book, a Mean Girls game, among other things. Both of the mentioned new titles have recently started selling at Target physical stores and online.


40 min | 1-4 players | Ages 10+

Work together to pick your path through three epic adventures and reach the end of the story in one piece.

From puck-flicking to shape building to item balancing, in What Next you master over 60 unique mini games as you go.

Whenever someone fails a challenge, add a Peril Piece to the ‘Tower of Peril’. If it topples, it’s game over for everyone!

What’s in the box?
238 cards
12 Peril Pieces
15 Item Pieces
12 Shape Pieces
3 Sundials
1 triangle slider
1 puck
1 drawstring bag
Box dimensions
Bonus features
+ Be the first to hear about our new games
+ Free replacement parts
+ Weekly games prize draw *must join Big Potato Club

Images via Big Potato Games & Tom Joy Photo

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