April 1, 2021 – Board game community and price comparison tool Board Game Atlas has joined with GAMA in a big partnership to connect retailers, publishers, and distributors. GAMA is The Game Manufacturers Association, an organization that has evolved ever since 1977 to be billed today as the premier trade association for the hobby games industry. Its mission is to promote the general interest of all persons engaged in the buying, selling, licensing, and manufacturing of hobby game products.

Board Game Atlas provided a sneak preview of what is to come, sharing what will be a catalog that creates an easy connection point between retailers, publishers, and distributors. They outline some of their key features in their announcement post:

  • Retailers can look up games using our search engine and flexible filter system, create Lists, and have all necessary info readily available to order through publishers/distributors
  • Publishers have the opportunity to stand out amongst 18,000+ publishers by highlighting their products through ad spaces, easily seeing what info needs to be filled out on their products, and by getting a premium account to provide more info in the catalog
  • In the near future, we’ll be revamping our Publisher pages so that retailers can easily get in contact with the right person (not all publishers have an official website or one that is easily navigable). This will also serve as another opportunity for publishers to stand out by claiming their page, filling out the page with pictures of their products and team, and getting their fans to leave reviews. Likewise, we’ll be creating Retailer pages for stores such as Miniature Market, Game Nerdz, and thousands of others out there.

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Board Game Atlas Partners with GAMA Catalogue

Publishers can sign up for a range of different packages that allow them to control their information and reach their customers in brand new ways.

These additional tools and access mean the consumer is going to end up with the best product and that sounds like a pretty good thing. With so many great small and independent publishers, this should be a great opportunity for them to get in front of a bigger audience and get the recognition they deserve.

Board Game Atlas has grown to be a massive source of board game information and community tools for tabletop enthusiasts. Their data capacity and offerings were supercharged in late 2019 when they acquired BoardGamePrices.com, helping to solidify their dominance in the price comparison arena.

Source: We’re officially partnering up with GAMA on a tabletop industry catalog

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