October 28, 2021 – The community, knowledge base and price aggregation tool has made a big update. The Board Game Atlas redesign is the IMDB of board games. In a press release sent out today the company showed off their brand new game pages and it clearly takes a lot of inspiration from one of the leading online databases, the Amazon-owned Internet Movie Database. The new layout streamlines all the different pieces of information into a very user-friendly format.

Originally founded in 2019, Board Game Atlas has grown to a database of 125k board games, 200k community reviews, 950k price listings, 150k content creator assets, 1.3M play logs and 13k lists. This change, created by the newly revamped UX and engineering teams, takes a big step in organizing all of that information in a way that is in line with modern techniques.

Board Game Atlas New Page Example

The new design boasts quick and intuitive navigation, clean snapshots of information that allows you to dive deeper at will, a quick glance at the top online store prices wherever you are in the English speaking world and tons of discoverability for finding new content, whether from trusted sources or popular things from the community.

“We have been working on many back end and partnership priorities so it is very exciting to launch something consumer-facing again,” said CEO Trent Ellingsen. “We have a roadmap of great new features to make our experience the best it can be and we are ramping up our staff to help achieve our ambitious goals. This is just the start.”

In April of 2021, Board Game Atlas rolled out a new review system that took into account both reviewers from the community, as well as, reviews from established critics. That program has grown to over 40 trusted names, with over 5,000 reviews in the system and more being added every day. 

See the new game page in full action on some of the heavily trafficked game pages such as Root, Terraforming Mars, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Dominion, and Carcassonne, to name a few.

Disclaimer: Board Game Atlas is a financial supporter of Board Game Halv.

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