Board Game Component Mosaics Art is exactly what it sounds like. A woman named Katia Howatson, who goes by the social name @boardgameartcreations, has come up with the brilliant idea of taking the components from any given board game and creating a symbolic work of art out of them. They truly are both beautiful and deeply meaningful. Follow her immediately.

If you are unaware, a mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. Many things can be used to make mosaics of many other things, the big thing you see is bringing in little drops of color that make something grander out of them. They can be very beautiful.

That certainly is the case with Katia’s art, which you can find on instagram here and on facebook here. She has taken on some great pieces (pun intended) representing cool company logos and different thematics from a variety of specific games. See some examples below –

We just want to put a spotlight on and praise the creativity here. It is not often that someone can blend multiple passions and put together something great that other people want to experience and take part in. Well Katia Howatson, who can be found on Instagram here and Facebook here, you have done it and taken our breath away in the process. Keep doing what you are doing because it is amazing.

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Do not forget to follow her to keep up with her work:

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