If you are a part of the board game community, you most likely have heard of the highly anticipated GAMEMASTER documentary, a deep dive into the world of the thriving board game industry and the creators behind popular games. Today is the day. The expertly put together documentary is out on all major platforms July 7th, 2020.

The response has been phenomenal. Only out a few hours, it is already making massive moves up the top documentary charts worldwide. With everyone stuck inside and missing their normal group of friends, this is a great way to fill that void, so it all makes sense.

This is certainly one to check out and such a great option to play from your living room. Watch the trailer below and make the decision on what to do for yourself. A great deal for the amount of joy you are bound to receive (joy not guaranteed).

GAMEMASTER follows the trials and tribulations of four designers as they journey to create and publish their first board games. Talking heads include Klaus Teuber (The Settlers of Catan), Matt Leacock (Pandemic,) and Elan Lee (Exploding Kittens). The film is directed by Charles Mruz and produced by Jimmy Nguyen, Wally Schrass, Kristopher Wile, Jason Rose and Jennifer Tocquigny. North American distribution handled by Gravitas Ventures with worldwide sales being repped by Concourse Media.

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