April 1, 2022 – Check out the full board games April Fools 2022 roundup. Every year, people like to play fun jokes in honor of the random holiday found at the beginning of the month that is all about tricking people. The internet is the perfect place for this, because companies can do fun elaborate bits, but without too many real life consequences (ie replacing your significant other’s sugar for salt). The more over the top, elaborate and walking a fine line of what could be real, the better.

Board game publishers are no different. They have web presences, assets that people care about and a need to keep bringing fun and interesting content to their audience. An elaborate April’s Fools joke ticks all of those boxes. Each year is different but, 2022 has had some fun surprises from all walks of board game publisher. Check out the rundown below –

1. Pandasaurus Announces New Brew Expansion

The publisher behind the potions and woodland creatures game showed off art and very vivid details for BREW: Medium Roast the expansion that is best served hot. Playing off the joke that “Brew” invokes coffee and the game has nothing to do with that, this is a fun little jab at this. The artwork is fantastic.


2. Czech Games Reveals Codenames Solo Mode & Reveals Lost Ruins of Arnak Missing Rules Page

Going as far as to create full on rulebook pdfs, and on multiple titles, the publisher had some fun and very elaborate takes on two of their top titles that happen to be two of the most popular board game franchises in all of gaming.


3. Floodgate Games Announces New Roll & Write – Sagrada + A Classic

What happens when giants collide? “A combination this epic has not been seen since Peanut Butter & Chocolate.” – Somebody cool probably. The company blends its high end abstract strategy game with a roll and write royal.


4. Stonemeir Games Sells Discs For Disc Golf (Real)

This is more about just good old fashion foolishness than it is about a trick. Every year, Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemeir game announces some interesting game related item. In 2020, they created a magnifying glass for small text in games and a chocolate-colored candy egg tray so you don’t confuse Wingspan’s plastic eggs for edible eggs. This year it is game branded frisbee discs.


What did you think of our Board Games April Fools 2022 Roundup? Did we miss anything? Email us or let us know in the comments below!