January 19, 2021 – Czech Games announced today that the Castle TriCon 2021 Convention is coming back and the dates are set For February 26 & 27. They launched the original event last year back in September with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild as a new experience to help cope with the lack of physical board game conventions. What is cool and interesting is that they have created a unique 3D world when the events are hosted.

The two-day experience is being billed as an event where you can “Connect with your friends and meet new ones, play board games, fly around and explore – you can do all that in our unique 3D world of Castle TriCon. Join us online and have fun! During this unique event, we want to meet with our friends and fans, share background stories, play and show new games, and hopefully, forge new lasting partnerships and friendships.”

Check Out The Castle TriCon Site For Tickets & More Details

The Event is Free!! And check out the cool world they created in the promo video below:

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