December 21, 2020 – Big news in top drafting and resource management games. A Castles Of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition Coming To Kickstarter on January 19th, 2021. From publisher Bezier Games and designer Ted Alspach are putting this together and you know it is going to be good because they did the exact same thing with one of their other hit titles, Suburbia. Any fan of this title originally published in 2014 should be willing to pony up a little extra dough for the very nice version of this game that this package will be.


The Kickstarter campaign for the Mad King Ludwig Collector’s edition will have 4 expansions, 2 of which have never been seen, special organizers, and 3D Tower minis. All the artwork has been refreshed and the game is expanding to 5 players. There is even cool specialty money. There are multiple levels that has everything getting bigger and better each step of the way.

This promo video goes in depth about what is included with the collector’s edition:

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You are tasked with building an amazing, extravagant castle for King Ludwig II of Bavaria…one room at a time. You see, the King loves castles, having built Neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired the Disney theme park castles) and others, but now he’s commissioned you to build the biggest, best castle ever. For 1 – 4 players, games last about 90 minutes each.

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Here is their announcement from their 2021 upcoming update post:

First up, we have the just-announced Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition, which we’ve been working on for most of 2020. In fact, playtesting the brand new expansions with the staff was one of the highlights of the year. We dedicated ourselves to come up with the best possible combination of premium components and new elements, all efficiently organized with GameTrayz™. And if any game is deserving of a giant version, it’s the sprawling layouts you make each game, so we’re also making a Castles Colossal Set of rooms which are 4x the size of the originals, which is just an incredible thing to play (and even watch being played). The Kickstarter will launch January 19th, and it will ship before the end of the year.

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