May 24, 2022 – One of the biggest pieces of info in the Catan announcement was that the Catan 3D Seafarers Cities and Knights Expansion is coming. This new set that requires the base game to play will launch with an MSRP of $399.99.

“Component lovers will get lost in the immersive and detailed Seafarers + Cities & Knights expansion for CATAN – 3D Edition. And finally, our most competitive players will not want to miss the CATAN World Championship this fall.” said Morgan Dontanville, CATAN Studio chief creative officer.

The new set brings the brand’s two most popular and beloved expansions into the three-dimensional adventures of CATAN 3D in one big, beautiful box.

CATAN – Seafarers: Send your ships to explore and discover uncharted islands off of Catan’s shores. Perhaps you will build new settlements there or even discover valuable gold fields. This is the first time this expansion has been produced in 3D.

CATAN – Cities & Knights: Improve your cities into great metropolises. Combine your forces with the forces of the other players to defend Catan against the relentless barbarian attacks.

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The expansions’ 363 individual pieces, including hand-painted terrain tiles and antiqued player figures, make the “cooperatively competitive” world of CATAN more immersive than ever before. With CATAN – Seafarers, players set sail to uncharted islands in search of valuable gold and land to settle. In CATAN – Cities & Knights, players work to improve their cities and join forces to defend Catan against invading barbarians.

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CATAN 3D Sea Knights Components Ships
CATAN 3D Sea Knights Components Statue
CATAN 3D Sea Knights Components Building

images via Catan Studios

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