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Overall Score

7 Fun
7 Replayability
9 Player Interaction
8 Quality
7 Art & Style

With this Champions of Midgard review, we hope to get you to calm down. That is because Champions of Midgard is one of the most intimidating looking games out there. I mean one of the components is 34 custom barbarian warrior dice. We are here to tell you, however, that it is only really intense for one of the players. As long as you have one person in the group who can keep track of the fifty things going on, the core gameplay is part well-designed worker placement game and part you against the monsters of the game attack system. It is not intimidating, it is actually quite wonderful. This is our Champions of Midgard Review.

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Fun (7 out of 10)

As far as worker placement games go, this is top-notch. The mix of how you pick in relation to other players and what your choice does for your ultimate combat and economic force is strategically gorgeous. Then on top of it, there is a you versus the many monsters of the game combat that has multiple levels and great risk and reward. This is an epic adventure and fun all around.

Replayability (7 out of 10)

Games are pretty much the same every time with a few key changes that make a big difference. The monsters change every time as well as a few of the placement choices that can change everything. And there are so many choices and strategies that it will keep you busy and keep you coming back for more. There is sooo much to do (not just in choices, but in steps you have to take and pieces to keep track of) that fatigue can set in.

Player Interaction (9 out of 10)

Worker placement lies greatly in the player reaction. You are basically drafting spots and you need to both help your cause and hurt that of your opponents. Champions of Midgard does not disappoint. There are pros and cons to everything and the simplest misstep or upset can change everything. Also, almost every element of the game, both evil forces and stratic advances players choose, will have an effect on other players. You race to cards and you are ultimately racing to the highest point totals. Big accolades in this Champions of Midgard review for this player interaction.

Quality (8 out of 10)

Some games are simple with three or for components, which is fine, and some may have 24, which is also ok. Champions of Midgard has so much going on but each piece is part of an incredibly well-oiled machine. With so much, it is crazy that they even make money selling this, but we will take it. They could have cut corners but they didn’t, everything is of the highest quality. From start to finish this game was well imagined and executed on.

Art & Style (7 out of 10)

The theme here is that you are a warrior inhabitant of a small Viking fishing village in Midgard trying to take on the beasts of the kingdom to gain the most glory for you and your army. It has teeth and it is well done throughout. You really get the sense that you are leading your barbarian horde to an epic battle across the sea to take on a monstrous beast at times. It has depth in all the right places and really kicks up the adventure Champions of Midgard takes you on.


Champions of Midgard Review

Champions of Midgard is one of the top games in its lane of epic adventures. It is top-notch in the category of worker placement as well as the category of epic combat. While the game is intense (we clock setup alone at 17 steps), it is worth the small amount of time you will have to dedicate to get over that initial hump. Once you are there, you will see this glory of the game and all it has to offer. There are similar games but there is nothing quite like it. This has been our Champions of Midgard review.

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4 / 5 – Pub Meeple Review
“I’ll admit my favorite part in playing the game is journeying to far away lands on a boat laden with warrior-dice and food cubes for the trip. I love seeing what happens on the way to their respective destinations as players flip over the journey card that lies between their ships and their goal.”

4 / 5 – Cardboard Clash Review
“I really enjoy Champions of Midgard and feel it plays well with two players most of the time. In spite of its flaw with the dice and the lack of variety on destiny cards, this is a really fun worker placement game, and probably my favorite worker placement to date.”

15 / 20 – The Player’s Aid Review
“Over all I really enjoy Champions of Midgard. I have played it multiple times at all player counts and have had a fun time. It is much more restrictive as a 4 player game than a 2 player game but you still have those moments when you want to scream because someone took your spot.”

95 / 100 – Zatu Games Review
“I really like this game. The turns are quick and everyone is kept engaged as you are all trying to keep the village safe by fighting the same monsters. As a worker placement game goes it’s a solid effort and the added combat is a nice addition.”

Positive – Start Your Meeples Review
“If you are in the mood for a lighter game that still involves a fair amount of strategic element then Champions of Midgard could fit perfectly into that category.”

Positive – Geek Dad Review
“It’s inevitable that Champions of Midgard will draw comparisons to other worker placement games, especially Lords of Waterdeep, since both have similar board layouts.”

Positive – Tabletop Tribe Review
“Champions of Midgard is inevitably going to be (unfairly) compared to Blood Rage, and whilst it can’t compete with the miniatures bling, Champions of Midgard still looks great on the table and immerses you satisfyingly in the theme.”

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