October 24, 2020 – As part of a 2021 lineup showcase by publisher Grail Games, one point of interest was the ChuHan Board Game Update. This game was announced a year ago, it is a 2 player card game from Thomas Lehmann.

All they had to say was that it is not ready yet. Things are looking good on their end, but the designer Tom still has some things he wants to work on to make it perfect. These tweaks are going to take a little time but there is no shipping date set yet. People are excited so they at least wanted to give that update.

ChuHan Board Game Announcement Miniatures

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Official Game Description:

ChuHan is a game of dynastic intrigue in which two players — one representing the state of Chu, and the other, Han — face-off to gain control of ancient China’s eastern lands.

Using troops on the front line and historical figures behind the scenes, players must outthink their opponent and predict their reactions if they are to find glory in this two-thousand-year-old battle.

ChuHan is a card game of tactical moves and thoughtful planning in which experience and tenacity will guide the way through a successful campaign.

Title discussed in announcement video [18:20 – 20:43]:

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