March 10, 2022 – Crusaders Thy Will Be Done Expansion Divine Influence Finally Coming in 2022. Publisher Renegade Games is taking over the mancala and rondel title that was originally published by Tasty Minstral Games in 2018. Not only are they doing a brand new reprint from the original author Seth Jaffee, but they will also be releasing the long-awaited Divine Influence expansion.

The base game will have an MSRP of $60 with a Q3 2022 release and the expansion will have an MSRP of $30 with a Q2 2022 release.

Move your knights, erect buildings, and go crusading to spread the influence of your Order. When the Orders get too strong, King Philip will become nervous and disband all Templar orders, ending the game.


Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done uses a combination of rondel and mancala mechanisms. Each player has their own rondel, which they can upgrade over the course of the game, that controls their action choices during the game. Your faction gives you a special power to control your rondel, and the buildings you erect will help you form a strategy.

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In addition to the base Crusaders game, we’re going to be doing an additional printing of the Deluxe version, featuring foil-stamped box, metal influence tokens, both plastic and wooden knights and buildings, dual-layer player boards, and more improvements! This version is a Renegade Exclusive and will be produced in limited quantity, so get your pre-orders in today!

Finally, whether you’ve got an existing version of Crusaders: Thy Will be Done, or are picking it up for the first time, in the Divine Influence expansion, “Spreading the influence of your order” takes on a whole new meaning! Claim influence over regions with the new and improved Influence action, take advantage of 4 new building types, and explore 4 new knight orders. This expansion is fully compatible with base games from both the original Tasty Minstrel Games edition as well as the new Renegeade reprinting.

Tasty Minstral Games is the original publisher of the game. They shut down at the end 2021 (Source: Reddit Post) after some financial issues. They had originally launched this on Kickstarter in August of 2017. It raised $330,691 from 4,162 backers. They were able to get the base game into retail, but they never quite made it with the promised expansion. That is until now, with Renegade Games taking over.


Are you excited that the Crusaders Thy Will Be Done expansion Divine Influence is finally coming in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!