October 9, 2020 – Ever since Keanu Reeves came in, the universe has been hyped and now there will be a Cyberpunk 2077 video game companion board game that looks to be equally as exciting. In case you are not familiar with the lore, Cyberpunk 2020 was a tabletop RPG game created by Mike Pondsmith in 1988. Cyberpunk 2077 the video game is based on that tabletop RPG. This new game, “Cyberpunk Red” is the continuation of that original RPG and also was designed in coordination with the video game to have an effect. Pondsmith is involved with all.

We have known about Cyberpunk Red for some time now, but what is exciting in today’s announcement from R Talsorian Games was the immense amount of details dropped about what is to come. They confirm that the game has been shipped off to the printer after some delays and is set to come out November 14 (digital) & November 19 (physical) at a price of $30 and $60 respectively.

Cyberpunk Red Board Game Cover

Here is some of the quick project data:

Rough Word Count: 211,000
Page Count: 456
Rough Art Count: 143 individual pieces
Writers/Designers: Mike Pondsmith, James Hutt, Cody Pondsmith, Jay Parker, J Gray, David Ackerman, and Jaye Kovach
Artists: Doug Anderson, Bad Moon Art Studio, Richard Bagnall, Santiago Betancur, Neil Branquinho, Alexander Dudar, Colin Fisk, Matthew S. Francella, Hélio Frazão, Huntang, J Gray, Maksym Harahulin, DariusK, Jaye Kovach, Bernard Kowalczuk, Adrian Marc, Jan Marek, Eddie Mendoza, Pedram Mohammadi, Alan Okamoto, Anna Podedworna, Sebastian Szmyd, Eve Ventrue, 望瑾 Jin Wang, Wavefront, and Anselm Zielonka
Editors: Carol Darnell, Michael Matheson, Josh Vogt, and Dixie Cochran

Then there are the details of the content, which there are lots of. It is all very detailed section by section. Not really actionable things but tons of flavor. You can read the full 31 item list here. What is most exciting is that this is going to happen and there will be even more Cyberpunk world to dive into.

VIDEO: Cyberpunk 2077 Video Game Trailer [TRT 02:14]

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Are you excited about these Cyberpunk 2077 video game companion board game details? Let us know in the comments below.