December 1, 2020 – A popular online tabletop gaming platform is doing something cool. There will be a December Board Game Explosion on Board Game Arena. Every day in December, Board Game Arean will drop a new popular game that users can play for free. The lineup looks fantastic and is a wonderful gift for the holiday season.

31 Days of Free Board Games!! See Live Schedule!!

They are announcing the new game drop via their original post which will be updated daily. Click here to go to the schedule and get the latest updates on the newest added titles.

This is positioned as a gift to their loyal community for counting on them in the rough year of 2020. They had some heartfelt words in their announcement:

It’s been a rough year.
For everyone, worldwide. And it still is.

During this strange time we welcomed more and more players from all around the globe, more developers, more publishers and, overall, more games.

We would like to send our warmest thanks to all of our Premium users: you’re not only helping support the infrastructure but also publishers and game designers from anywhere in the world.

Also, we received many emails telling us about how Board Game Arena helped many people stay sane while in lock-down. To play with friends, family, relatives… We keep thinking about all of these messages. And we’re thankful to all of the people helping us in here.

It’s also a curious time, since having close to 5M player accounts on BGA isn’t something easy to manage. But our small team is on it, 24h a day, 7 days a week, to keep things as enjoyable as we can.

We’re improving, tinkering, ding-a-ling every part of the website. It’s not perfect, but we try to improve it: next year could bring some new things to BGA, and a lot of improvements are in progress. We expect you to be able to witness and enjoy all of this next year.

But for now, we’re close to end this one, since tomorrow we’ll be in December.

As the year was hard, we wanted to thank you for playing on BGA and supporting us. We have more publishers joining BGA every day, as well as developers. And we just can’t keep the usual Wednesday Release schedule.
Not that we’re missing games, but actually the opposite: we have a lot, and we need to release more of them!

That’s why we came up with a simple idea: Like an advent calendar, let’s make this one an


Opus Magnum is Latin for Masterpiece. Could also be used as “Work well done”. We pushed our team to the limit, with the help of our developers, to bring you a special FULL month of NEW games.

Are you excited about the December board game explosion on Board Game Arena? Let us know in the comments below!