This is our descriptions of Dixit Cards. Dixit is the incredibly popular, and quite frankly brilliant, party game that uses the submit and judge mechanic in a way you have never seen done before. It relies on your storytelling ability and ability to read the other players in the game.

To play Dixit, players take turns saying a word, phrase or story and secretly submit a card from their hand that matches it. Other players then also secretly submit one of their cards that they think best matches. Then everyone votes on what they think belongs to the clue giver. Scoring is all over but the key is to give a clue that is close but not dead on so it isn’t everyone or no one.

Dixit has a very unique style. It is very ethereal and whimsical with an deep illustration base. Cards are hopeful but kind of spooky at the same time. These cards all say thousands of things but we thought we would take the time to express what we see. These are our descriptions of Dixit cards. The descriptions go in order of the reference image from left to right, top to bottom.

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Descriptions of Dixit Cards Reference


(01) Old timey Mary Poppins guy at end of Truman Show.

(02) Bald capri pants giant stopping earthquake riddled city.

(03) Melting thermometer bleeds in the pale moon light.

(04) Hard working Keebler elf blowing bubbles into stars on hilly walk home from the factory.

(05) Sad black and white clown stands alone in spotlight.

(06) Exhausted mannequin has had enough, sits in king’s throne.

(07) Old Tymey handless pocket watch as metaphor for the vastness of space.

(08) Old man made of leave walks slowly and knowingly toward his demise by volcano.

(09) Young man made of paper walks carelessly through tornado wearing far too baggy of jeans.

(10) Tree stricken by winter works up courage to ask crush out along a cobblestone path.

(11) Unknown individual jail breaks from snail shell tower prison via bed sheet rope.

(12) Brave but naive snail attempts spiral staircase to nowhere amongst the vastness of the hillside.

(13) Iconic composer leads an orchestra except he is sinking in quicksand to an audience of birds mocking him with song.

(14) Another boy in arrival to meet the nutcracker prince, serviced by wagon.

(15) Bright sun gets FOMO of activity under a sea of umbrellas.

(16) A variety of drama masks off the set of a Kubrick movie representing a variety of emotions.

(17) Drops of air in a sea of blood containing multiple metaphors for life.

(18) Ants sword fighting on a stack of 14 – 32 pancakes.

(19) Snail arena new boot goofin session prior to the big show.

(20) A sea of red flowers jealously exclude a lone white flower in very long grass.

(21) Preoccupied woman shows off earnings made of disco dancers and pharmacy clerks.

(22) Ballet shoes neglected and anxious attempt one last ride.

(23) Bunny Knight super pissed that map didn’t mention anything about three different doors.

(24) Scarecrow in field of daisies doesn’t know how to be a composer but he doesn’t care because he just wants to have a good time.

(25) Short hair and mom jeans, a killer plant has spotted its prey and creeps towards an attack.

(26) Cloud sculptor not only masters the majestic beauty of airborne fauna but incredible balance and sentiment for an old ladder that should have been replaced long ago.

(27) Purse monster plays dress up in sea of its own filth, repurposing strap as fashionable neclace.

(28) Family separated by time.

(29) Crossdressing King evisions the pose and placement for his future statue.

(30) Sleeping man wakes up in the basement of a roller rink with no recollection of how he arrived.

(31) Man sees rainbow as adequate crater bridge, while his horse seems skeptical.

(32) Glowing fairy feverishly fights to gain the attention of a long necked gentleman atop an unstable stack of books.

(33) Castle door opening painted to look like the sky.

(34) Majestic wind up carousel with happy children riding unhappy rats.

(35) Bewildered child lost in toy store display window with toy firetruck assistance mid rescue.

(36) Young boy and girl scurrying through the night somehow form a wolf shadow.

(37) Bird referee orchestrates butterfly maze run.

(38) Inebriated mouse accidentally uses snake to charm snakes instead of flute.

(39) Boy with wooden sword attempts to fight dragon, dragon frankly annoyed.

(40) Guy from iconic screaming painting unlocks head with keys only to have light escape.

(41) Baby bonnet sits idle in eerie forest on a symmetrically straight path that defies nature.

(42) Couple gets married in bird cage with only a lone mouse in attendance.

(43) Burning heart under microwave dish on ceramic plate.

(44) Cat attempts for 100th time to see future in crystal ball, finally succeeds and is happy with the result.

(45) Cat in lab coat looks at aquarium model off in the distance to paint artistic rendering.

(46) Playground astronomy abacus.

(47) Mouse sits comfortably and mocks mounted deer who hovers above a sea of its own tears.

(48) Man studies instructions intently as he sits on a park bench basks in the moonlight of a thousand stars.

(49) Lost explorer discovers mini civilization atop a giant leaf in a vast forest.

(50) Man chops down the most fantastical tree ever in existence. It does not care for it.

(51) A golden ring hovers around a french braid of hair dark as the night.

(52) Anchor falls from sky into desert.

(53)Child from a Dickens novel wanders ironically through the darkness only to be trapped in a lightbulb.

(54) Fashion forward creates evil potion to get back at her enemies.

(55) A metropolitan city of homes made of eggs.

(56) Bored man comes to check out and bother giant sea shell, giant sea shell is not a fan but has no where to go.

(57) A stern hand holds a tornado as the owner realizes the level of power they wield.

(58) Man drowns but courageously holds up the Olympic touch so the evil water does not extinguish freedom.

(59) Whimsical woman wears dress made of children’s jungle gym.

(60) Married couple finishes their wedding with a game of chess that has gone on for years.

(61) Daisy trying to survive in the big city has bad day and laughs at irony of impending storm.

(62) A ravaged thanksgiving dinner remains un cleared.

(63) Castle hot air baloon majestically floats through a deep sky.

(64) Chicken band leader teaching chicks gets distracted by cracking egg.

(65) Doll in doll house contemplates the meaning of life and the possibility of greater things she cannot even fathom outside her doll house walls.

(66) Magnifying glass exposes old man hands.

(67) A thread of grass with knife in hand lies waiting as its prey approaches.

(68) An island in a drop of water, in water, amongst other water.

(69) Woman made of cello plays her self and rocks out harder than she has ever rocked before.

(70) Old woman showcases a play in her stomach that she knows for a fact is good.

(71) Woman with giant colorful yarn skirt falls over as she tries to grab a golden apple.

(72) Giant island woman tries to have heart to heart conversation with passing ship as the sun sets.

(73) Woman from future finally finds the lone leaf she has searched for all these years.

(74) Bugs construct inpressive lady bug house and love to party.

(75) Falling couple second guessing all their latest decisions.

(76) Concerned young boy trapped in dull neighborhood snow globe located in space.

(77) A candle left out burning in the night sheds a tear of blood red candle wax.

(78) Fairy saves stunt man gnome moments before being eaten by an unimpressed lizard monster.

(79) Old timey balance containing a feather and a sack that weighs dramatically less than the aforementioned feather.

(80) Onloookers mock crank house by throwing horse shoes at it, lone resident is unimpressed.

(81) Knight atop a book, in front of a hole is very confused by where he is.

(82) Six sided die sprouts evil vines hell bent on destruction.

(83) Young girls duels her teddy bear at high noon, teddy realizes he will be heartbroken by either outcome.

(84) A compass sits atop a pamphlet advertising earth.

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