Dinn is a unique trading card card that has players taking their unique deck into a 2 player showdown to be the first to take out their opponents 3 heart points. Gameplay is quick, simple and in the moment, but very robust. Each round sees one hero fighting another but there are many ways to alter the stakes and react to what your opponent is doing.

If you want to learn how to play Dinn TCG, that is one thing, but this article is dedicated to something else that is interesting and the first of its kind.

Besides the trading card game, there is also a puzzle game hidden within. After you’re done playing the main game, try and unravel the mystery. Cards in Dinn hide a unique mystery. Each starter deck and chapter pack contain interactive puzzles which unravel an overarching community-driven story. Work with friends or the community to solve mind-bending puzzles that will lead you on an online adventure.

Each of Dinn’s two starter decks (Beast & Sentient) includes one large-scale puzzle that utilizes all 36 playable cards. Solving this puzzle will introduce players to the main characters of season 1, and create a foundation of knowledge that will help players solve more advanced puzzles in upcoming chapter packs.


Step 1 – Find A Card

Find any Dinn starter card or story card in existence. Bonus cards in packs do not contain puzzles, they are to enhance the TCG game. There are two initial starter decks or the character packs that are released every 60 days containing 10 core cards and up to 10 bonus cards.

At the very bottom of that card is a “puzzle clue” which will most likely look like an incomplete website address or something similar. How everything comes together is not clear but you just need something to start with for now. Every single card is a puzzle. Solving these puzzles will navigate you through a maze of custom-built clues: websites, professionally recorded audio-files, blog posts, and videos.

Step 2 – Solve The Puzzle

This is the difficult part. Anything can mean anything. There are no instructions other than “solve the puzzle”. This is really for the hardcore puzzle solvers out there. The designer’s intention is to create each chapter pack in response to how the community solved the puzzles in the previous pack. This ties the story with the gameplay. If you’re trying to help a specific character achieve their goals, make sure to solve their puzzles first!

Step 3 – Solving Moves The Game Forward For Everyone

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you’ll often be pointed in the direction of a website, key-phrase, or online solution. Sometimes this is the end of a puzzle, and sometimes it is the beginning of a bigger puzzle. The end of every puzzle will have a contact form.

Completing this contact form solves the puzzle and unlocks bonus reward cards that are included in the next chapter pack. The person who gets there first will forever be documented as the one who solved the puzzle.

Learn more about the puzzles of the future and the past via the Dinn website

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