March 25, 2021 – The next step in an evolving story is coming. Dinn TCG launches horror themed deck and pre-sell exclusive. Using a brand new system for Trading Card Game, Dinn focuses on quickfire simultaneous action hero showdowns instead of players going off and taking their own turns. On top of that, there is a second hidden puzzle game within Dinn that is incredibly innovative.

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The game roles out new content on a regular basis that continues the game and gives you new stories to explore. Inside each deck and new release, there are new things to play but also new things to unlock for the entire community.

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This new Horror starter deck is releasing April 1, 2021 and will be the third one released in their first inaugural season. If you pre-buy the game prior to that time, you will also get an exclusive, limited edition card.

The Horror Starter Deck is 3 of the 6 decks of Season One and highlights various monsters and iconic horror figures. Not only does this deck feature 36 new cards, it also integrates a brand-new ability that enables players to unlock the full potential of their Hero cards in new and powerful ways. 

DinnTCG Horror Deck

“After months of designing, illustrating and perfecting our third Starter Deck, we are thrilled to be able to offer the Horror Deck to the Dinn Community,” said Gabriel Whittemore, CEO of Sisyphus Systems. “The Horror Deck is certainly something that the community has been looking forward to, and we are incredibly proud of the final product. We know that the Horror Deck will really elevate the overall experience of Dinn’s gameplay.”

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