September 27, 2021 – In an interview to promote the upcoming Stella from Libellud Games, Dixit Universe Illustrator Jérôme Pélissier talks about his process. The former Artistic Director and 2D Artist in video games for Ubisoft discusses how this world has really pushed his limits among other things.

In September, the publisher of the upcoming Dixit Universe board game Stella, releasing October 29th, will be doing interviews each week the interviews of the men and women “in the shadows” who created the board game Stella – Dixit Universe. To kicks things off they are starting with, Jérôme Pélissier the illustrator behind the new game, as well as, other Dixit games like Memories and Odyssey.

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The new interview, conducted in French with some English translations here, covers how he got into the project, how the process was for him, vivid memories of working on the project, important milestones from his life, things that inspire him and fun stuff like if he was a Dixit card which would he be.

It all started when artistic director Maëva contacted him to present the project after he had done work on the other Dixit editions. The theme of “stars” did not speak to him immediately, but he trusted her because he knew she saw something special in him. He was worried he would fall intoclichés – navy blue, stars, and all that overused imagery – but with her he was able to create something original that they were both proud of.

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Image via Libellud

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