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PLAYERS:3 – 6 Players
DURATION: 30 Minutes
GENRE:Submit & Judge
DESIGNER: Jean-Louis Roubira
ARTIST:Marie Cardouat
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Dixit is an enchanting game which summons your imagination. Discover 84 dreamlike illustrations on big cards and interpret them.

A storyteller chooses one card of its hand of cards and proposes an accurate theme. Other players use this theme to select a card from their hand which inspires them. All the cards are shuffled and revealed. Players must find the teller’s card. To score points, the theme must be neither too simple or too complex.

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8.8 out of 10

Dixit is a definite recommendation. The game is fantastic and it has won a well-deserved Spiel des Jahres, which is like the best picture Oscar. Whenever you have a party game that sparks creativity, communication and fun, you have a winner. This is a great one for anyone who needs something lively for a group of 5 or more.

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You play the game with six cards of different interesting images in your hand. Taking turns, one player is the storyteller and needs to use a card from hand and give it a few words to sum it up. The other players have to submit one of their cards they think matches. These are mixed together and everyone votes on which card they think belongs to the clue giver. Point scoring interesting and basically the clue giver wants to say something that isn’t everyone or no one.

How to Play Dixit Step-By-Step

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We thought about everything from gameplay to theme, intensity level to overall motivations, the quality and more to determine what are the five most similar board games to Dixit. The quick recap of the list is below with the link to the descriptions and full article below it.

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  4. Mysterium
  5. Pluckin Pairs

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What are the base player colors in Dixit board game?

All the player figures are rabbits and they come in colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White, Pink

What size are Dixit cards?

Dixit cards are about a 1/3 bigger than standard playing cards. The dimension are 3.5″ W x 4.75″ H.

Can you vote for yourself in Dixit Board Game?

Yes, you can vote for yourself. This is almost always going to be a bad strategy since you have no chance but who knows.

How many cards do you start with in Dixit Board Game?

To start, every player is dealt 6 cards each. At the end of future turns, draw back up to 6 cards.

How do you win in Dixit?

Based on your selecting and voting you will receive points. To win at Dixit board game, be the first to 20 points.

What does Dixit mean?

The meaning of Dixit is based on an ancient Sanskit word meaning “provider of knowledge” which fits into the Dixit board game play.

Are there any limits to the clue you can give in Dixit?

No, as long as you are able to repeat it over and over again when people are making their decision and need to hear it again.

Is Dixit a board game?

Yes, Dixit falls into the category of board games and it is a pretty great one at that.

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