January 23, 2021 – Dreadful Circus card game from Bruno Faidutti PortalCon announcement. Portal game’s Ignacy Trzewiczek announced three new games during the live stream keynote of PortalCon 13. The second one was Dreadful Circus, a card game with what appears to be a revolutonary game mechanic. Coming to Kickstarter in April 2021, this smart game promises to social, fun and crazy.

The crazy hook is that you are building the rules and score conditions throughout the game. Nothing is set in stone, it is all up to you to put each of the pieces into place as you go. Ignacy mentioned that half of the cards have something to do with effecting end game scoring. The idea of gameplay is each turn cards are put down for sale and a player has an opportunity to buy it. You need to draft, buy and make rules on the fly.

Designer Bruno Faidutti is behind the innovative game. The French Designer born in 1961 has designed several popular titles including Citadels (2000), Mission: Red Planet (2005), Raptor (2015), Diamant (2005) and many more. He has also collaborated with many of the great and is often know for his innovative and smart gameplay mechanics.

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