November 12, 2021 – A new Dune board game expansion adds Choam and Richese houses. To be clear, since there are many Dune board games out there, this is Dune: A Game of Conquest, Diplomacy & Betrayal, the Area Majority/ Influence, Force Commitment and Variable Player Powers game from publisher Gale Force Nine. It is the reimplementation of the original 1964 Dune game. The current timing has this coming out in early 2022.

The new expansion adds both CHOAM (Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles) and House Richese factions who have their own special rules and abilities. This follows the first expansion for the game, Ixians and Tleilaxu, that together now provide players a grand total of 10 playable factions.

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You know from what happens in Dune that House Richese and CHOAM weren’t as directly involved in the events of Muad’Dib’s rise to power as the original six factions, although they very well could have been – before they were supplanted by the Harkonnen, the Richese were in charge of governing spice production on Arrakis and the major noble houses controlling CHOAM were forever scheming to undermine the Emperor’s rule.

With this expansion, the creators want to let players explore ‘What if?’ What if the Richese leveraged their unique technology and took a more aggressive approach to affairs on Arrakis? What if CHOAM capitalized on their economic advantages and raised an army to increase their wealth and power by directly meddling in the business of spice production? The unique faction abilities of CHOAM and Richese will let players shape the narrative of Dune in new and surprising ways.

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House Richese

Just like the Ixians, had a well-earned reputation for ingenuity, and created important technological inventions. But Count Ilban Richese suffered a number of business blunders that threatened to bankrupt their fortunes. After being ousted from governing Arrakis, they were reduced to selling off important creations simply to raise enough funds to continue their efforts to compete.

STRATEGY: The Richese are at a disadvantage by having no forces on Arrakis, and not much spice to operate. Try to be aware of when certain factions can afford and would therefore be inclined to buy one of your special Treachery Cards either for their use or to keep it out of the hands of another faction. Selling your cards will be your one regular form of income until you have gained enough spice to ship in your forces. Use your No-Field tokens to get forces on the planet cheaply, but also to confuse your opponents about how many forces are present.

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The Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles, or CHOAM

They controlled much of the economic affairs across the cosmos and had a keen interest in Arrakis above and beyond spice production. Because of its control of inter-planetary commerce, CHOAM was the largest single source of wealth in the Imperium. Influence in CHOAM was a major focus of political maneuvering in the Imperium, both to maximize dividends and also to skim profits. The leaders and bureaucrats of CHOAM were dedicated to controlling vital products that enriched the Great Houses… and CHOAM itself.

STRATEGY: Your leaders are fairly weak, but you have a pretty steady income, so you should try to stockpile Treachery Cards until you have an impressive hand of them. You also start with no forces on the planet, and must ship them all in. For this reason, you may want to wait until you can attack with a large force. Being able to collect spice for CHOAM Charity, and then double the collection at a key moment will help you to gain cards and still be able to afford revival and shipping, especially if done at a time when others aren’t collecting Charity.

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