January 23, 2021 – Dune House Secrets story driven Board Game PortalCon announcement. Portal game’s Ignacy Trzewiczek announced three new games during the live stream keynote of PortalCon 13. The third and biggest one was Dune House Secrets, a rich narrative game that takes you into the world of the epic sci-fi novel and lets you chose how the story develops. Coming to Essen in the middle of October 2021, this game will be coming out just after the theatrical release of the new film which is currently slated for October 1st.

The game will have 3 main chapters, as well as, a prologue chapter 0 to introduce players to the setting and rules. The game takes place on Arrakis and is inspired by Detective: A Modern Crime Board and the upcoming Vienna Connection evolved to highlight the breadth and beauty of the setting. You will gather experience, choose new skills and abilities and make a choice after each chapter that will determine the setup of the next chapter and decide the story’s future. This is an epic adventure story driven game that lets you get involved with one small detail of the Dune universe.

The game is designed by Portal Games owner and renowned game designer himself Ignacy Trzewiczek, as well as, long time collaborators Przemysław Rymer, Weronika Spyra and Jakub Łapot who have worked on many of Portal’s most successful games among others.

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