January 25, 2021 – EC Comics Weird Science Jigsaw Puzzles Kick Off Renegade Partnership. The games publisher who has their hands in many different types of tabletop experiences in bring a great iconic property to the world of different jigsaw puzzles. Renegade Games is partnering with the iconic EC Comics on many things and these Weird Science puzzles are the first thing to come of the new partnership. The first wave is coming in April of 2021 with four options available for pre-order now.

The people behind Weird Science, and other great classics like Tales From the Crypt, are EC Comics. They started out very light hearted from 1944 – 1950. The letters EC originally stood for Educational Comics. EC’s Pre-Trend titles are those published by M.C. Gaines and his son William Gaines, who took over the family business after his father’s death in 1947. In 1950, with the addition of writer and artist Al Feldstein, EC found success with their “New Trend” which is where they found their popularity, creating many great horror and crime titles. This era, where Weird Science is based, ended around 1955.

EC Comics Weird Science Jigsaw Puzzles Wave 1

Check out the full Renegade Games announcement below:

Last fall we we announced our partnership with EC Comics to create a line of jigsaw puzzles based on their Weird Science and Weird Science-Fantasy comics. Today we are happy to announce that with 16% of all votes, Weird Science #16 won our fan poll, and will be included in the first wave of EC Comics jigsaw puzzles. Weird Science #16 features amazing cover art by Comic Book Hall of Fame artist Wally Wood that will adorn a 19×26”, 1000 piece puzzle.

In addition to #16, the first wave of EC Comics jigsaw puzzles will include Weird Science #15, Weird Science-Fantasy #27, and Weird Science-Fantasy #29. You can find pre-order links to all four puzzles below!

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