January 23, 2021 – Eleven Football Manager Strategy board game PortalCon announcement. Portal game’s Ignacy Trzewiczek announced three new games during the live stream keynote of PortalCon 13. The first one was Eleven, a football management game. Coming to Kickstarter in June 2021, this game puts you in the center of running a football team and everything that goes along with it.

The setup for the game was a reminder of the company’s history. Ignacy brought up that in 2010 Prêt-à-Porter, an economic game about the fashion industry, was released. No one thought that such a niche title could gain success, but it proved everyone wrong and is still loved today. They did the same thing in 2013 with Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy about wealthy, well-educated aristocrats. The idea that these may seem as “weird themes” Ignacy says “trust me, it will work out.”

In Eleven Football Manager, dubbed the “strategy” title of the 3 new title line up, puts you into a deep economic experience with tons to do and manage. You will need to hire club managers, work with the PR team to manage messaging and interaction with fans, try to find sponsors, transfer players and play tons of games to move up the ladder.

The game is designed by Thomas Jansen who also designed other football board game Club Stories in 2017 among others. There is a mobile game called Top Eleven that has similar gameplay to what is described here but it is unclear if there is any connection.

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