October 24, 2020 – As part of a 2021 lineup showcase by publisher Grail Games, one point of interest was the Elevenses Expansion Announcement. Elevenses, a small card game about making tea, is Grail Games best selling game of all time and they are launching a new title in the “universe”.

This new game will be entitled Elevenses: The Guilty Party (get it, guilt-tea) while it is supposed to be a companion and expansion to the universe, this is a stand alone game.

The art is done, but nothing has been shared yet. So you can visualize, the plan is to be in packaging just like the original Elevenses so the games look good together. It is in the same style but has all the guests sitting around the tea table with some danger afoot.

Weren’t expecting such a take-that / cut-throaty game, so this new version goes all in on that. In this version, you are guests at a tea party and your host has been murdered. As you have your party, everyone is casting suspicion on the other. Only the murder knows. It is not an all out deduction game like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but you do need to use some to decide where you are going to cast your suspicion. The police come in at the end of the night and arrest the person who looks the most suspicious and you do not want it to be you. The innocent people win if the murder gets taken away and the murder wins on the reverse.

Instead of putting on the tea, you are avoiding the eye of the constable during the tea party! It is very much in the Agatha Christie vein.

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Original Elevenses (2013) Game Description:

Elevenses is a card game in which respectable 1920s socialites strive to serve the finest morning teas!

Each player starts the round with an identical set of 11 morning tea cards. Each card has a point value as well a special action which must be carried out when it is played. The lower the point value of a card, the better its power is. The powers lead to surprising interactions between the players! Cards must also be played to a specific position on the table. When most cards are played, the player will pick up the card that was previously in its position, requiring you to plan your morning tea carefully!

The round ends when a player plays the ‘Elevenses’ card. It’s time for tea! The players compare the value of their cards. Points are awarded to the highest scoring morning teas. The game continues until a player has 5 or more points. She has served the finest morning teas of all and wins the game!

Title discussed in announcement video [20:43 – 23:07]:

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