Our Enchanted Plumes review, what we have to say about the fast and strategic card game. This is a hand management, set collection and pattern building game that has you building a variety of intricate sets to try and get the most points at the end of the game. Colors determine your options and numbers, depending on where you put them, determine your positive and negative points. There is tons of gameplay per minute in this small box game and it is worth a look for any player.

We took a look across fun, replayability, player interaction, quality and art & style to come up with the overall score for our Enchanted Plumes review. See the breakdown by category below.

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Fun (8 out of 10)

For the fun section of the Enchanted Plumes review, we award a fantastic 8 out of 10. This game is quick and anything can happen, gameplayer per minute is high. Things move incredibly quickly and you need to make every play count. There is just enough variance to make things incredibly strategic but it is so light and breezy that anyone can hop into it immediately. The game is simple but there are very interesting choices and lots of paths to scoring the highest total which leads to plenty of fun.

You need to build “plumes” the feathers of the peacock which act like reverse pyramids. You can either dive in deep to existing ones or start new ones at your leisure. The interesting thing is that to get to those sweet sweet points and give yourself plenty of options to make them, you need to go into the negatives and build a strong base for what is to come. This is all done with hand management, and properly thinking at least a few turns ahead.

Replayability (6 out of 10)

For the replayability section of the Enchanted Plumes review, we award a good 6 out of 10. This is the same game over and over but it is so quick, and it can go in many different directions, that it is one you will want to play back to back. You can be on the table in no time and the margins are thin. One wrong move can put you just outside of the high score and that near miss or near victory will keep you coming back.

Like a reverse pyramid, you need a strong top to build under it. That is the case here. Cards have numbers and colors. Once you go a row down, you can only use colors that are in the rows above. You need at least 3 in a row, but you can go as many as you want. Sure you take big negatives, but you set yourself up for big games. Even though you only take limited moves, the options are endless and will always give you different paths to take.

Player Interaction (5 out of 10)

For the player interaction section of the Enchanted Plumes review, we award a middle-of-the-road 5 out of 10. The player interaction is pretty limited but they were able to squeeze in a little given how little real estate there is to cram it in.

The main draw here is the race to the end. It is tight and watching the other players around you is incredibly necessary. You can take some big risks if the current game will allow it, but you need to be careful, things will be over in no time. The other little thing, though it will not really break you, is the train. One player’s trash is another player’s treasure. Not only can you take cards from the draw deck, but you can exchange with the “train”, the communal discard pile. Be careful of the cards you put out there, because it could be just what your opponent needs.

Quality (7 out of 10)

For the quality section of the Enchanted Plumes review, we award a great 7 out of 10. This is a small box game that is going to give you a ton of value. It is basically just a deck of cards but it has been able to give you something special that no ordinary deck of playing cards has done before. Sure there are different types of playing card games that feel very akin to this but the theme and all the specific options that are unique to this game go above and beyond to deliver.

Components and everything involved are all top tier. The box is efficient and the cards themselves are going to hold up fine. Both the production and the execution of this are clearly signs that it has been guided by expert hands.

Art & Style (9 out of 10)

For the art & style section of the Enchanted Plumes review, we award an incredibly high 9 out of 10. This is easily one of the best-looking card games out there. The peacock is one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on earth and if they got one thing right with this game, it was matching that. Each card represents one of the colored feathers of a peacock and each card does it justice. They have fantastic bursts of color and the design of the feathers is both delicate and bold.

The box art and other game elements match this style in spades. The cover art has one of these lively creatures and the type and border elements bring that same level of delicate and boldness. Designer Echo Chernik really delivered on jamming in a ton of beauty into this lightning quick card game with not much real estate to do so.


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For a game that moves this quickly and doesn't give you many moves to make, there is tons of strategy and just a slight amount of variance that will keep everyone tightly in the fight for victory. Enchanted Plumes is a very simple card game, but it is unique, satisfying and just for a cherry on top, incredibly beautiful. For a small box game, you are going to get a ton of value out of this one. This has been our Enchanted Plumes review, we hope you have enjoyed it!

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