February 23, 2021 – Funko Games announced a slate of upcoming titles and there is one in particular that sports knowledge junkies should be excited for. In part of the slate, there was an ESPN sports trivia board game announced. “ESPN Trivia Night” is set to be available April 2021 and is a title for 2-10 players with an approximate 50 minute playtime with age recommendation at 10+. The manufacturer suggested retail price sits at $19.99.

It is a trivia game covering all areas of sports with a dexterity component that has you flicking to redeem yourself in challenges like a buzzer-beating three pointer or devastating shot on goal. It also has the name you want in a sports trivia game. No entity is as synonymous with sports, sports news and sports history as ESPN. Originally launching in 1979 in Bristol, CT, the network has grown to be a powerhouse and one of the cornerstones of Disney’s entertainment offerings.

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Face off against your friends and family in this high-octane sports trivia game! Draft sports categories you know you can dominate, or risk playing outside your comfort zone to net the big score. If you dropped the ball on your last answer, recover points in the active Instant Replay challenges. Outscore the opposing team or meet them in Sudden Death to decide the winner!

Teams take turns answering questions related to a wide range of topics in the sports world. Questions are worth those sweet sweet victory points and the key to winning – but don’t worry if you can’t answer “How many 3-point shots did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar make during his 20 seasons in the NBA?”, that’s where the dexterity challenges come in!

Miss a question? It’s time for redemption by shooting a three pointer, getting one past the goalie, or kicking a 30 yard field goal in token-based dexterity challenges right on the tabletop! Successful shots will mean points for your team, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

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