This is every South Park board games mention categorized and indexed. The creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, must be huge fans because there are board game references scattered all throughout the vast catalog of South Park Episodes. Whether it is a board game on the shelf in Kyle’s room or an entire dedicated episode with tons of inside jokes, there is a ton to discover. That is why we created this master guide of every South Park board games mention.

See below for the list of every board game shown on South Park, the lyrics and reference info from the famous South Park Board Games song, all the details about the South Park Board Game episode, and a full index of every mention broken down by episode.

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Every Board Game From South Park
South Park Board Game Girls
South Park Board Game Song Strong Woman
South Park Board Game Episode Guide Index

Every Board Game From South Park

There are episodes of South Park that are entirely about board games and then there are little mentions here and there. Sometimes it is something someone said and sometimes it is a subtle game in the background. Kyle in particular has a game shelf in his room with tons of different board games that makes several appearances. This is the alphabetical list of all the board games that appeared on South Park:

Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein | Affliction: Salem 1692 | Alchemists | Arkham Horror | Bird Patrol | Blood & Plunder | Blood Rage | Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game | Carcassonne | Concordia | Core Space | Crisis Protocol | Dead of Winter | Dune | Dungeons & Dragons | Endeavor: Age of Sail | Flick Em’ Up | Formula D | Gaslands: Refuled | Great Western Trail | Inuit | King of New York | Lords of Waterdeep | Magic The Gathering | Meeple Circus | Merchants & Marauders | Mice & Mystics | Mythic Battles Pantheon | Nemesis | Rising Sun | Star Trek: Ascendancy | Third World Nation | Twilight Struggle | Western Legends | Zombicide

Board Game Memes - South Park Butters One of the Cool Kids

South Park Board Game Girls

South Park has a history of speaking to a specialized topic and really blowing up. This has been done with things like World of Warcraft but one of the most memorable special interests this was done with was when there was a South Park board game episode that mashed up with issues in gender inequality. It was called Board Girls (season 23, episode 7, the 304th episode of the series) and originally aired on November 13, 2019.

The episode was about how Eric Cartman and the boys had a board game club called “dice studz” and when an inclusion mandate was handed down they are forced to allow girls. Not only do they not want the girls in their club, but it becomes clear that the girls are much better players than Butters, Stan and the others, and destroy the boys. This enrages Cartmen but he turns it into a political fight about how boys and girls need to be separated. He takes his fight to Washington and wins. This results in the girls forming their own club “Board Girls” and it is amazing. Butters says it best, “wow Eric, this is what you promised Dice Studz would be.” When the men get a quick tour of the club, the gamer girl Nicole shows off their digs –

“Oh hey guys, welcome to Board Girls, want to have a look around? So over here we have our co-op games, I think they are doing SUB TERRA right now. And there we do our deck and engine builders, have you tried INUIT? It’s really cool. We have miniatures painting over there and most of our miniatures gaming happens in that area”
“Hey those girls are playing CRISIS PROTOCOL, that’s not even out yet.”
“Yea, we get advanced copies of games because our club reviews them for our gaming channel.”

South Park Board Girls Gaming Club
Photo Credit: Comedy Central


Lords of Waterdeep
Third World Nation
Twilight Struggle
Western Legends
Crisis Protocol
Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein
Flick Em’ Up
Mythic Battles Pantheon
Arkham Horror
Magic The Gathering
Dead of Winter
Formula D
King of New York
Bird Patrol
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
Mice & Mystics
Blood Rage


Lords of Waterdeep
Dungeons & Dragons
Rising Sun
Blood & Plunder
Dead of Winter
Third World Nation
Mice & Mystics
Endeavor: Age of Sail
Star Trek: Ascendancy


Blood Rage
Blood & Plunder
Twilight Struggle


South Park Board Game Song Strong Woman

The South Park board game song is pretty amazing. Not only is it well constructed but it drops so many iconic board game references. The setting is that a Macho Man Randy Savage type decided he is going to identify as a woman and enter every sporting competition to win. The Macho Man character was winning everything until one of the South Park girls puts a board game challenge on the table. These are the lyrics to the song that played over that competition montage.


Tabletop bloodbath
Nothing left to say
Your moment is here
Time to make ’em pay
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Smoke the competition
Show ’em what you got
All your painted miniatures are really paying off
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Hey, wow
Who’s the Strong Woman now?
And hey, you
Thought you were the best
But now you’re about to lose
To the Board Girls
They got the moves
They pummeled you at “Alchemists”
And kicked your ass at “Carcassonne”
Board Girls
They know all the rules
They watch Rodney Smith, Tom Vasel, and Becca Scott

Hey, cool
They made you look a fool
And hey, sweet
Take a step down
You just got beat
By the Board Girls

Strong! Woman!


Alchemists – This is where you must showcase your alchemical know-how by publishing theories in this app-driven game. This is an excellent title from 2014, but it is nowhere near as legendary as the other references that were made in the South Park board game song.

Carcassonne – This is a classic tile laying game that is one of those beloved titles that tops greatest of all times lists. You grab a tile with castle, road or other medieval features and then need to match it with something already on the board and decided if you want to try and take it over to complete it. Very easy to play yet very satisfying. Check our Carcassonne page for more info and resources.

Rodney Smith – This is a beloved Canadian man who currently delivers the most popular how to play board game Youtube videos. They are well-produced, clear, and just a delight to watch. The channel is called Watch it Played which can be found on Youtube with tons of games available to dive into.

Tom Vasel – This is a beloved Floridian gentleman who is the most well known and respected person in board game reviews. He has been doing it forever via the site he founded, Dice Tower, which is now an institution in the board game world. No one’s opinion on games is more listened to than his. He did a Reddit AMA interview that is certainly worth checking out.

Becca Scott – This is a beloved burst of sunshine in the form of an actress and board game personality. She pops up everywhere but is probably best known for her role as one of the top stars of the Geek & Sundry network, one of the largest gaming and culture media companies in the world. You can find her on Instagram here among many other places on the net and in the board game community.

The creators of South Park clearly know their board game personalities. They picked three amazing people to showcase the wide arrays that board games cover.


South Park Board Game Episode Guide Index

This is the comprehensive index of every South Park board games mentions categorized by episode with episodes arranged chronologically. Take a look at each episode for the airing information, description and time code of each board game reference.

South Park Board Games Episode Freemium Isnt Free
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

[S18-E06] “Freemium Isn’t Free”

Original Air Date: November 5, 2014

The episode that takes on the idea of “freemium” game apps that are just entertaining enough to get you to spend money to make them go faster. Stan will ultimately play board games with his grandpa as a distraction from freemium games. Canada is who is behind it, they need the money to fun their government, so they use the Terrance and Philip show as the game theme. Turns out the conspiracy of how these things work goes higher than anyone could have imagined. They make many comparisons to drugs and addiction with Jimmy even saying “all the cool kids are doing it, why wouldn’t you download it and just try it out.”

21:11 – Stan and grandpa are playing board games to get away from their addictions (fremium games and gambling respectively). They are playing ZOMBICIDE. In the background is DEAD OF WINTER, MICE & MYSTICS, KING OF NEW YORK, MERCHANTS & MARAUDERS and LORDS OF WATERDEEP. Stan’s dad joins with a chalice of wine and makes a fool of himself.

South Park Board Games Episode A Boy and His Priest
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

[S22-E02] “A Boy and a Priest”

Original Air Date: October 3, 2018

The church is under heavy scrutiny again for being in the news regarding past abuse. This makes people love to come to church because it turns it into a stand up comedy heckling show for who can make the funniest priest and young boy joke. This disenfranchises the pastor. Butters tries to help, but his insistent need to hang around the older holy man raises more questions. Butters delivers one of the most iconic board game lines from South Park’s history and the boys eventually end up playing board games with the priest.

03:15 – The priest sits in a pew troubled and alone. Butters approaches, with advice “At school, the kids used to all make fun of me sometimes. One kid would say something mean, and the other kids would laugh. I know how lousy it feels. I learned to just walk away and not give them the satisfaction. I know it seems impossible, I thought I would be a punching bag my entire life. Now, I am one of the popular kids, I even get invited to board game night at Stan’s house!”

04:06 – Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are at Stan’s house playing WESTERN LEGENDS. Cartman references characters, “I want to be Calamity Jane this time.” Butters brings a “friend” but it turns awkward when it is Father Maxi. They play a little while, “ok, I will go to the saloon and try to arrest Cartman.” To which he replied, “let’s see what you got b*tch.” Things go off the rails when Mr. Marsh finds them playing together and hilariously wants to post a photo. The scene ends with Cartman to Stan. “Why did you invite Butters to game night.”, “I didn’t invite him.”

South Park Board Games Episode Band In China
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

[S23-E02] “Band In China”

Original Air Date: October 2, 2019

Randy Marsh has the brilliant idea to expand Tegrity Farms’ weed profits by expanding into China. He believes this is his idea and is not happy when he discovers that other people like Disney and the NFL have been trying to steal it. He goes on a journey to make this happen and gets in a mess of trouble with China. It is a journey where many iconic characters from IPS you love make an appearance in the great war to expand into the market. Stan also experiences is China censorship battle. The boys start a band, get signed by a label to make a bio-pic (where the real money is) but gets censored in order to qualify for the Chinese market. Probably as a play on product placement, this episode has a faint reference with a shelf of board games in Stan’s room being in the background.

15:37 – Stan is working on the script for his band’s bio-pic while a Chinese official paces behind him and erases and words he doesn’t like Stan putting down. In the background of Stan’s room there is a shelf with 9 board games on it. One is a pirate one that is too hard to make out and the others are NEMESIS, GASLANDS: REFUELED, MEEPLE CIRCUS, CORE SPACE, ENDEAVOR: AGE OF SAIL, DUNE, AFFLICTION: SALEM 1692, GREAT WESTERN TRAIL.

South Park Board Games Episode Board Girls
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

[S23-E07] “Board Girls”

Original Air Date: November 13, 2019

A mash-up about gender and board games. A very PC woman who competes in strong women competitions is excited to hear that someone who was a man and now identifies as a woman was competing until it is revealed it was a sham committed by a Macho Man Randy Savage type who just wants to beat other women in competition. While this is happening, the South Park kids are given an assembly about inclusion and all genders get to belong to all clubs. This was a problem when girls tried to join the “Gamer Studz” board game club. Cartman takes his fight all the way to Washington.

02:26 – “Dice Studz” board game club. Cartman, Stan, Butters, Clive and Scott Malkinson are playing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Tammy and Nicole are brought in by Mr. Mackee to join the club. There is a LORDS OF WATERDEEP poster on the wall. DEAD OF WINTER and ENDEAVOR: AGE OF SAIL boxes are visible on the game shelf. Guys get schooled.

06:00 – As part of the strong woman competition song montage, more footage of the “Dice Studz” board game club. The same players are now playing RISING SUN.

07:33 – Cartman and other boys are plotting how to take down the women in the lunch room. Cartman is trying to figure out the right game to get the job done. Stan has all the answers when Carman gets upset. “I think Tammy and Nicole are cool to play with.”, “You won’t think its cool when the rest of us leave Dice Studz and you are only left to play solo board games!”, “You mean like NEMO’S WAR, that game is sweet.” Then the other boys come in “maybe we need to play harder stuff. Yea something tough that only real board gamers play.” And Stan again has the answers. “If you want something hard then you need a really crunchy Euro game like Vital’s ESCAPE PLAN or UWE ROSENBERG Euro.”, “Do they involve math?”, “Well, all euros or pretty math-y.”, “Nope, no good, we need something with lots of dice and war and thematic sh*t.”, “So then you want a war miniatures game, something skirmish-style like LEGION or BLOOD & PLUNDER.” Kyle is amazed “dud, you are really into board games” and Carman declares the plan “Dice Studz gaming club is about to go tabletop miniatures.”

10:02 – Back in the “Dice Studz” gaming club, the boys are seated in front of BLOOD & PLUNDER waiting for the girls to arrive thinking they are beat. Their feedback is instead, “we love BLOOD & PLUNDER, are we going to play like a 4×4 skirmish with two different factions?” They also busted out painted miniatures, putting the boys to shame. Stan is intrigued and asks the girls questions. “Wow, you painted your miniatures?”, “Yea, who wants unpainted miniatures right?” The shot pans to Cartman holding his unpainted miniature and looking unpleased. Stan continues. “Where did you learn to do that?”, “We watch Youtube tutorials on BGG.”, “I love BGG!”, “Oh cool, do you watch GAME NIGHT?” Cartman angrily interjects and throws NEMESIS on the table. “NO! We are going to play the 6-hour long, very thematic, NEMESIS.” The girls are happy about this, “cool, we just watched a tutorial video for that on DICE TOWER.” This pushes Cartman over the edge.

15:10 – Back at “Dice Studz” board game club, the boys are playing STAR TREK: ASCENDENCY. Cartman is happy because he successfully lobbied for change in Washington making this a boys only club again. Butters runs in and alerts the boys that the girls started their own club and they needed to check it out.

15:22 – The boys arrive at “Board Girls Gaming Club” and Cartman talks trash before walking in. Turns out it is massive and glorious and the boys are in shock. There are different stations and the girls are checking out pre-release games because they “get early copies to review on their video channel.” They walk through and the games referenced all around include: Zombicide, Dune, Lords of Waterdeep, Third World Nation, Twilight Struggle, Western Legends, Crisis Protocol, Inuit, Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, Flick Em’ Up, Mythic Battles Pantheon, Arkham Horror, Magic The Gathering, Dead of Winter, Formula D, King of New York, Bird Patrol, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game and Mice & Mystics.

19:12 – The Macho Man type is brought to a South Park assembly to give an empowering speech but instead challenged any woman any where to any kind of competition. From the crowd, one of the girls yells “I bet you can’t beat Nicole at BLOOD RAGE.”, “What did you say transphobe?”, “Yea but I bet you can’t beat Tammy at WAR OF THE RING.”, “You don’t disrespect a champion girls. You think Heather Swanson doesn’t know board games? I was playing board games since before your mother crapped you out of her vagina.”, “Well then let’s do it b*tch.” This kicks off a competition montage set to the South Park Board Game Song that was created for this episode. They start with BLOOD RAGE, but then go to BLOOD & PLUNDER, TWILIGHT STRUGGLE, ALCHEMISTS, CARCASSONNE and CONCORDIA. The Macho Man type loses and he melts down, revealing his male-ness.


BGG – Board Game Geek, the ultimate database and community for board games. Find information, discussion, videos and more.

Game Night – Old school board game show hosted by BGG. The same few board game personalities play through all different games together. They have been doing it for a long time and have a great report.

Dice Tower – Dice Tower is a board game review site founded long ago by Tom Vasel. He is the most respected voice in board game reviews out there. The site / network also hosts many other beloved board game personalities like Zee Garcia.

Euro – This is a genre of board game. The characteristic of a Euro is typically one where you are trying to accomplish a goal (like get victory points) as opposed to taking down an opponent, and one that typically has big modularity and multiple paths to victory.


When it comes to South Park board games mentions does this cover it? Did you get what you needed or looking for something else? Let us know in the comments below!