March 29, 2021 – Fallout Tabletop RPG From Modiphius Releases March 31, 2021. The game based on the popular post-apocalyptic video game comes is basically now available. The game was originally announced last year and has since been growing steam.

In a few design diraries over the past few weeks, tons of new details have been released about what everyone can expect. Besides all the good stuff about the system and setting, the final entry from today also dropped “oh by the way, the game is available tomorrow”.

“The #Fallout #RPG is nearly here with launch now scheduled for 12 noon British Summer Time on Wednesday 31st March 2021! While you wait, enjoy this latest Fallout RPG which explores how to keep fighting fit for your encounters in the wasteland! #TTRPG”

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The protagonists of the classic Fallout games are similar in a few regards: they’re all human, and most of them are Vault Dwellers, raised in a secure environment away from the radiation and the mutants and other perils of the Wasteland. Even the ones who aren’t from a Vault are somewhat naïve about the world they live in. As they travel, they may pick up a companion or two to help them out, but for the most part they are the center of the story.

  • Brotherhood of Steel characters have training in useful skills like Energy Weapons or Science, but they are required to obey the orders of their superiors in the Brotherhood.
  • Ghouls are natural survivors with training in the Survival skill, but their most iconic ability is that they are immune to—and healed by—radiation.
  • Mister Handy robots are a little unusual as player characters go. Their robotic nature means they need repairs rather than healing naturally, but they’re immune to radiation and poison, come with a degree of armor plating built-in, and they hover above the ground. They also come with a variety of built-in tools.
  • Super Mutants are big and tough, and immune to radiation and poison, but tend not to be particularly cunning or sociable. Further, most armor doesn’t fit their massive, bulky frames.
  • Survivors are the ordinary people living in the Wasteland, be they raiders, settlers, wandering mercenaries, traders, or anything in between. People adapt to adversity in all sorts of ways, so Survivors get a choice of extra traits to help them survive and thrive in the Wasteland.
  • Vault Dwellers are those humans who were raised in the protective environment of a Vault. They get extra training due to their carefully planned education, and they resist disease more easily due to a healthy upbringing… but some Vault Dwellers may have a weird quirk based on the nature of the Vault they’re from. Vault Dwellers also carry some iconic pieces of Fallout equipment, in the form of a PIP-Boy computer and a stylish Vault-Tec Jumpsuit.


The new Fallout tabletop roleplaying game allows you to explore the desolate wastelands of post-nuclear America on your tabletop with a few friends. The game is based on the Modiphius 2d20 System, but with several “SPECIAL” changes designed to make it feel as much like Fallout as possible.

In the 2d20 System, when you attempt anything difficult, dangerous, or dramatic, you roll two or more twenty-sided dice. What those dice roll will tell you if you succeeded, how well you succeeded, and if anything untoward happened in the process.

Those difficult, dangerous, or dramatic situations are called Skill Tests, and they all refer to one of your seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes (Strength, Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) and one of your skills. When you make a skill test, you take the scores for the appropriate attribute and skill and add them together to create your Target Number.

Almost everything in the game is based on skill tests like these, so once you’ve learned this part of the game, you’re pretty much ready to play!

Images via Fallout Video Game and Modiphius Entertainment

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