February 2020 Amazon Board Game Deals

Amazon Board Game Deals

It is February 2020, valentine’s day and spring are right around the corner. Even though your new year’s resolutions are fading, your need for a good board game deal is as strong as ever. Starting this month, we will be doing monthy deal posts with live updates daily. That means that you just need to bookmark this page, sit back and hit refresh every once in awhile. We will keep a constant eye on Amazon to see what board games are put on sale and we will select the ones that are actually good deals and give you all the information you need to inform if it might be the right deal for you. Do not be fooled by the flashy red “limited deal” banner, it is not always a good buy. We will take care of you and steer you in the right direction. This is the February 2020 Amazon board game deals rundown.



#01 | Cat Lady

This game is pretty ridiculous but at over half off, it is worth it. Players are cat ladies, part of an elite group of people including Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. During the game, you and your fellow cat ladies will draft cards three at a time, collecting toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats. But watch out! Make sure you have enough food for all of your feline friends or your hungry cats will subtract points from your score. The player with the highest total victory points wins! For 2 – 4 players, games run about 15 – 30 minutes each, ages 14+

51% down to $8.62 | Buy Cat Lady via Amazon

#02 | Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter was named one of the best board games of 2014. Dead of Winter puts 2-5 players in a small, weakened colony of survivors in a world where most of humanity is either dead or diseased, flesh-craving monsters. Each player leads a faction of survivors with dozens of different characters in the game. Each player needs to kind of work together to survive but they are also working on their own to complete a secret mission. Games will run about 60 – 120 minutes, ages 13+.

37% down to $37.97 | Buy Dead of Winter via Amazon


#01 | Betrayal At House On The Hill (Thematic Adventure)

This is a big deal. Betrayal at House on the Hill is the gold standard for the discovery adventure genre and to see it at more than half off at a historic low is too hard to pass up. You and your fellow adventurers head into a haunted house together to explore and experience one of the many well-written scenarios. You head through the house discovering new rooms and experiencing new events. That is just the first part, half way through it turns out that one of you is a traitor and it becomes an epic battle of you versus them.

54% down to $23.20 | Buy Betrayal at House on the Hill via Amazon

#02 | Citadels (Bluffing / Strategy)

This is a historic low. Citadels has never been cheaper than this since it came out in 2016 and it is a fantastic game. In Citadels, players take on new roles each round to represent characters they hire in order to help them acquire gold and erect buildings. The game ends at the close of a round in which a player erects their eighth building. Players then tally their points, and the player with the highest score wins. This is a bluffing game kind of in the same vein of Sheriff of Nottingham. For 2 – 8 players, games last about 30 – 60 minutes each, ages is 10+.

34% down to $19.80 | Buy Citadels via Amazon

#03 | Mysterium (Party / Murder Mystery)

Mysterium is a great thematic murder mystery party game. In Mysterium one player takes the role of ghost while everyone else represents a medium. To solve the crime, the ghost must first recall (with the aid of the mediums) all of the suspects present on the night of the murder. A number of suspect, location and murder weapon cards are placed on the table, and the ghost randomly assigns one of each of these in secret to a medium. For 2 – 7 players, games run about 40 minutes, for ages 10+.

39% down to $30.63 | Buy Mysterium via Amazon

#04 | Onitama (Abstract Strategy)

If you are a fan of abstract strategy at all, take a look at this 2014 board game. Onitama is constantly on the top of lists for this genre. On a 5×5 board, both players start with five pawns on their side, with the main pawn in the middle. Each player has two open cards that each display a possible move for any of his pieces. There is a fifth card that cannot be used by either player. On a player’s turn, he chooses one of his cards, moves one of his pieces according to the chosen card, then replaces the card he used with the fifth card. The other player then chooses one of his cards, moves accordingly, and exchanges that card with this fifth card — which is, of course, the card the first player just used. For 2 players, games run about 15 – 20 minutes, for ages 8+.

42% down to $17.43 | Buy Onitama via Amazon

#05 | Werewords (Deduction / Word Game)

Do not just buy this one because it is cheap. You can play with as little as 4 players but you really want to play it with closer to 10 players. Where you do want it is for a great G rated party game option for people of all ages. In Werewords, players guess a secret word by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Figure out the magic word before time is up, and you win! However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who is not only working against you, but also knows the word. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf! For 4 – 10 players, games last a quick 10 minutes, for ages 8+.

60% down to $7.99 | Buy Werewords via Amazon

#06 | 7 Wonders Babel Expansion (Drafting)

If you love 7 Wonders and have been looking to expand the gameplay for some time, there is no better time than now. One of the older but better expansions is on a huge price drop and historic low. This game has been slowly going in price for awhile, but it probably will not get any lower. 7 Wonders: Babel includes two modules for use with the 7 Wonders base game, and they can be used individually or together in any combination with other expansions. In one half of 7 Wonders: Babel, players draft quarter-circle tiles at the start of the game prior to drafting anything else; each tile depicts a law that affects all players should it be put into play. During the game, players now have an additional option when discarding a card. Instead of gaining three coins, they place one of these tiles in the next open space on a circular display. For 2 – 7 players, games last about 45 minutes, for ages 10+

63% down to $16.12 | Buy 7 Wonders Babel via Amazon *This is an expansion, not a standalone

#07 | Spyfall (Party / Bluffing)

If we were going to recommend a party game about Spies, we would tell you to get Codenames. If, however, you love Codenames or you love party games and you love bluffing, now is the time to pick up Spyfall. Spyfall is played over several rounds, and at the start of each round all players receive cards showing the same location — a casino, a traveling circus, a pirate ship, space station, etc — except that one player receives a card that says “Spy” instead of the location. Players then start asking each other questions. The spy doesn’t know where he is, so he has to listen carefully to the questions to play along. When it’s his time to answer, he’d better create a good story! For 3 – 8 players. games last about 15 minutes, for ages 13+.

54% down to $23.20 | Buy Betrayal at House on the Hill via Amazon

#08 | Raiders of the North Sea (Worker Placement)

The 30% price drop is not that huge, but this 2015 game is great and this is about the lowest price you are going to get on it any time soon. You could probably hold out for lower, but it is not going to be any time soon. Raiders of the North Sea is set in the central years of the Viking Age. As Viking warriors, players seek to impress the Chieftain by raiding unsuspecting settlements. Players will need to assemble a crew, collect provisions and journey north to plunder gold, iron and livestock. For 2 – 4 players, games last 60 – 80 minutes, for ages 12+.

30% down to $38.73 | Buy Raiders of The North Sea via Amazon


#01 | A Game of Thrones Board Game (Strategy / Area Control)

If you like the HBO behemoth Game of Thrones, you are in luck because they actually made a pretty satisfying board game with it. In the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of the Iron Throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare. A Game of Thrones is an epic board game in which it will take more than military might to win. Will you take power through force, use honeyed words to coerce your way onto the throne, or rally the townsfolk to your side? Through strategic planning, masterful diplomacy, and clever card play, spread your influence over Westeros! This board game deal is a historic low. For 3 – 6 players, games last 2 – 4 hours, for ages 14+.

53% down to $27.99 | Buy Game of Thrones Board Game via Amazon

#02 | Innovation (Civilization Strategy)

Do not let the dated game box fool you, this is a really great game. Not the biggest price drop, but it makes it because it is such a solid game. Innovation is a journey through technological advancements from the stone age through modern times. Each player builds a civilization based on various technologies, ideas, and cultural advancements, all represented by cards. Each of these cards has a unique power that will allow further advancement, point scoring, or even attacking other civilizations. Be careful though, as other civilizations may be able to benefit from your ideas as well! For 2 – 4 players, games last about 45 – 60 minutes, for ages 12+.

23% down to $15.49 | Buy Innovation via Amazon

#03 | 7 Wonders Duel (Drafting)

7 Wonders was a revolutionary card drafting, civilization building game that has captured the hearts of many. The only problem is that 2 players couldn’t play it. So what did they do, make a very satisfying version of the game specifically built for 2 players. In many ways 7 Wonders Duel resembles its parent game 7 Wonders as over three ages players acquire cards that provide resources or advance their military or scientific development in order to develop a civilization and complete wonders. What’s different about 7 Wonders Duel is that, as the title suggests, the game is solely for two players, with the players not drafting cards simultaneously from hands of cards, but from a display of face-down and face-up cards arranged at the start of a round. For 2 players, games last about 30 minutes, for ages 10+.

28% down to $16.51 | Buy 7 Wonders Duel via Amazon


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