June 29, 2021 – Via a press release and trailer, Czech Games announces first Lost Ruins of Arnak Expansion! The 2020 deck-building and worker placement game of exploration, resource management, and discovery has taken the world by storm so this news is bound to be equally as well received.

The expansion is entitled Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders and as the name suggests, it contains six unique leaders for players to choose from, each leader equipped with different abilities, skills, and starting decks that offer players different strategies and styles of play to explore.

In addition to the leader abilities, which introduce a new element of asymmetry to the game, this expansion also brings new research tracks that offer even more variety and a bigger challenge, along with new item and artifact cards that create new combos and synergies.

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The expansion is planned to be released during SPIEL’21 (Thu, Oct 14, 2021 – Sun, Oct 17, 2021). Copies to different countries of the world will be dispatched around that time as well. The US release might be delayed depending on the shipping situation at the time.

The expansion reunites the same team as the base game. Design is helmed by Mín & Elwen. Artists include Jiří Kůs, Ondřej Hrdina, Jakub Politzer, František Sedláček, Milan Vavroň. The manufacturer suggested retail price is set at $29.95 USD / €29.95 EUR.

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Check out the Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders announcement trailer:

About the Original Lost Ruins of Arnak Board Game

In addition to traditional deck-builder effects, cards can also be used to place workers, and new worker actions become available as players explore the island. Some of these actions require resources instead of workers, so building a solid resource base will be essential. You are limited to only one action per turn, so make your choice carefully… what action will benefit you most now? And what can you afford to do later… assuming someone else doesn’t take the action first!?

Decks are small, and randomness in the game is heavily mitigated by the wealth of tactical decisions offered on the game board. With a variety of worker actions, artifacts, and equipment cards, the set-up for each game will be unique, encouraging players to explore new strategies to meet the challenge.

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The Lost Ruins of Arnak is in the running for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021 award. This is an offshoot of the Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious board game award of the year, that is specifically for more strategic than general. It has some stiff competition, going up against Fantasy Realms and Paleo, but it is considered the favorite. That award gets announced on July 19, 2021.

We aggregated every top board game personalities’ “best board game of 2020” lists on a weighted scale and by no surprise, Lost Ruins of Arnak was #1. It beat out Dune: Imperium in a clear win showing that this game is for everyone.

This is a historical moment in board games. Remember where you are right now.

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